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    Gena Lee Nolin was born in Duluth, Minnesota. She grew up on her family’s farm and as a tomboy. Her diet was that of fatty foods. As an athletic child she enjoyed skating, basketball, playing volleyball and softball. She went up for every team in school. When Gena was a little girl, she used to have a little blanket that she would play with as she sucked her thumb.

    Gena had her share of problems with jealous girls in High School. Once, she got into a fistfight when a girl accused her of stealing her boyfriend even though she had never met him! The girl got so jealous, that she came at Gena and started throwing punches. Defending herself, Gena just swung and knocked her out cold. The girl was unconscious. Neely’s family moved to Las Vegas while she was a senior in High School. Friends kept suggesting that she enter the ‘Miss Las Vegas’ contest. She won the title!

    She gained the attention of several Modeling Agencies, winning the ‘Ford Agency’ and ‘Elite Agency’ regional ‘Look of the Year’ contest and the ‘Miss Barbizon USA’ national title.

    Gena had breast enhancement surgery in 1993. She went from an ‘A’ to a ‘B’ cup. She did it because of her height and thought that it would give her better proportions. She was right, it did. Gena does say that she didn’t do it to get parts or win beauty shows. She had no ambition to do anything like that. She met her future husband Greg Fahlman who is a video producer, while passing out flyers.

    In 1994, Gena saw an ad in the paper for a popular, long running game show, ‘The Price is right.’ In the ‘cattle call’ audition, she beat out 1,200 other women to become one of the game show’s showcase models. For Gena, this was the perfect job. They worked three days a week, filming two shows a day with a ten-day break every two weeks. It allowed her time to continue with her studies and auditions. In that same year, she appeared on the CBS’ daytime soap, ‘The Young and the Restless.’ Gena portrayed a young model named Sandy.

    Her other credits include the Special ‘The 50th Anniversary of the Bikini’ (USA NETWORK). Gena also hosted ‘The Gena Lee Nolin’s Party Games’ in Love@AOL on America Online. Gena has also appeared on national commercial for ‘Home Depot,’ ‘Starburst’ and ‘Hyundai.’ She was the spokesperson for ‘Sassoon’ Jeans (great looking ads) and ‘Clothestime.’

    Gena went on an audition for ‘Baywatch.’ She read for the producers and had to swim. She hadn’t had swimming lessons since she was a child, but she did fine. When she had to read again for them, David Hasselhoff held up a message. It said that she got the part! Not believing it, she kept on reading. It didn’t hit her until later that she actually got the part. She was a perfect overwhelming success in the role of the scheming and deceitful Neely Capshaw for ‘Baywatch’s 6th season/1995-1996. Gena replaced the actress Heather Campbell who originated the role in ‘Wet ‘N’Wild’/5th season 1994-1995).

    After being treated to seeing Gena portray the juicy part of the bad girl, things took an unexpected turn, which was a bit too sudden. By the 7th season, her character Neely had softened a bit and became one of the good girls of ‘Baywatch.’ Someone whom the other Lifeguards could actually trust. Most fans wanted her to remain the bad girl of the show. Gena had an unplanned pregnancy in the show’s 7th season. During her hiatus from the show, Gena gave birth to a baby boy, Spencer Michael Fahlman. After the pregnancy, she got back into great shape rather quickly. It helped that she took care of herself during the pregnancy. With a proper diet, eating about five small meals per day instead of three full sized meals. She did this along with exercise. Gena has her own routine, which includes Yoga, and stretching exercises. She also uses weights to build upper arm strength. Gena’s Mother practices Yoga and has a Yoga Studio. Gena marvels at how flexible and agile she is.

    She took her baby to the producer’s office and David Hasselhoff freaked! They all liked the idea of her being a Mother, and decided that Neely should be one as well. Her story line was changed in a matter of seconds. Just like that! Even though Neely was supposed to be hooked on painkillers. She was told that there was no hurry to get back to work. This gave her a chance to spend needed time with her baby. Gena skipped most of the season’s first half, appearing in three episodes and has inherited Pamela Lee’s costly, top of the line trailer, which has plenty of room for baby stuff, but not her salary.

    Gena has been featured on the cover of ‘Maxim’ magazine (1997 November/December issue). As the cover model, she also gives an interview here, and the magazine carried an article about ‘Baywatch’ women. During her pregnancy, Gena looked absolutely radiant on the cover of ‘Shape Pregnancy’ (Fall 1997/Special issue) for an interview. She was also featured along with cast mate Donna D’Errico in the 1997 December issue of ‘Shape’ magazine. Both gave interviews and demonstrated their exercises as to how they stay in shape. Both Gena and Donna have exercise videos out as part of the ‘Baywatch’ video collection. The big cover story is ‘Porthole’ travel magazine where she appears with cast mates David Hasselhoff, Jeremy Jackson, David Chokachi, Donna D’Errico and Carmen Electra. This 1997 November/December issue covers the last episode of the year. Neely and Captain Mitch Buchannon’s (David Hasselhoff) 2-part wedding episode set in Alaska.