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  • Caroline Holden

    Name: Caroline Holden
    Sex:  Female
    Age: Introduced at 22, Left at 26 

    Posture: Great!
    Appearance: A striking, head-turning beauty; chesty, shapely torso; pleasant
    Hair/Eyes: Chestnut Brown/Blue
    Height/weight: 5 ft. 5 in. Tall/N/A
    Class: Middle Class
    Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
    Occupation: Lifeguard; trainer (Later became an actress)
    Education: High School (Later took acting classes)
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Home Life Growing Up: Grew up in a large family and is a Military Brat. Close to all four siblings, with the closest relationship being with older sister Stephanie. Was taught good morals and values. 

    Residence:  Los Angeles
    Marital Status: Single (divorced); had married a man who had cheated on her countless times. She broke up with him and ventured out to Stephanie. Stephanie helped her get back on her feet. She decided that she would be a lifeguard. She was one a while back when she was in high school and would give it another try. 
    Heritage: American/Decent N/A
    Parents: N/A
    Children: None
    Siblings: 4; with her closest relationship with Stephanie.
    Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: Her former husband’s infidelity led her to get a good start after divorcing him. She had gone to Stephanie for support when she left him. Caroline was a lifeguard when she was in high school and would give the beach another try. 
    Stephanie saw Caroline and Matt Brody as a nice pair. Trouble started when she met bad boy Logan Fowler while in training. She was on the rebound and fell for him immediately. Logan played her as well as a very attractive rich older woman named Kathleen. He was another reason why she stayed.
    Hobbies/Interests: Shopping; Lifeguard training; Swimming; Water Sports.
    Personal Premise: Don’t prejudge anyone or any situation.
    Ambition: To make the career as an actress a great one. After her split with Logan Fowler, she needed a new outlet. Decided to move toward acting. Was lucky in getting the part on Shannon’s Hope.
    Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Losing her sister Stephanie while she and husband Tom were on their honeymoon helping a group of troubled teens during a sailing trip. Stephanie’s death was devastating.
    She saw everyone get out of the helecopter except Stephanie. Mitch had the extremely difficult job of telling her that Stephanie was gone. She cried inconsolably in his arms.
    Her losing Jack “JD” Darius after she got the acting job. She wanted him to come with her, but he told her that he couldn’t because it wasn’t his dream. She left without him. They had more of a long distance relationship. She came back to stay activated on the roster and they resumed their relationship while she was in town. Eventually, as she became more well known, her career overwhelmed the relationship.
    Her getting involved with bad boy Logan Fowler, a fellow lifeguard, who was at Baywatch on a visa. He charmed her as he had other unsuspecting girls and she believed everything he said. He had a ring on a string that he gave her (He really had a lot of them manufactured to give to any woman who he wanted to con and gave them all the same fake story, stating that he saved the life of a tribal chief. He gave the ring to him out of honor). 
    Stephanie’s trying to interfere because she could see what Logan was doing and was more objective. But rejecting what Stephanie was telling her proved to be a horrible mistake in the end.
    Logan cheated on her with Neely Capshaw. She tried to reach Logan at his apartment and could not. She decided to run over and give him some news that she had learned. She arrived at the back glass door and found the two in action. She left angry and disgrunted.
    Temperament: Usually happy and in a great mood. Mild mannered and softspoken at times. Can get extremely stubborn and defiant to get her way. Challenged Mitch’s decisions in many situations. Does not like being taken advantage of. Gets emotional and erratic.
    Attitude Toward Life: After losing her sister Stephanie, she realized that you cannot take the lives of your loved ones for granted. Nothing in life is guarranteed. Life is a priceless gift. It can’t be replaced. Family and friends are most important.
    Complexes: Had trouble keeping a romantic relationship.
    Abilities: Garnered the ability to become very skillful water and rescue skills; Easily gained trust of victims and kept them calm until safely rescued. Although it was tough to do in the beginning, she can now take orders without challenging the decision made for any situation.