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  • CJ Parker

    Name: “C.J.” Casey Jean Parker
    Sex: Female
    Age: Introduced at 22
    Appearance ended at 27
    Posture: Great!
    Appearance: Beautiful, Sexy, Chesty Head-turner
    Hair/Eyes: Blonde/Blue
    Height/weight: 5 ft. 7 in. Tall/110 Pounds
    Class: Middle Class
    Transportation: Lifeguard Truck
    Occupation: Lifeguard; Trainer
    Education: High school
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

    Home Life Growing Up: Had a close relationship with mother and brother. Came from a loving home. C.J. and her brother were well brought up. Was taught to be independent. 

    Residence:  After her last breakup, (with the rocker she met in Mexico while on vacation) she moved to Hawaii to open her own upscale business: C.J.’s Bar & Grill. Likes the calm and quiet paradise-like surroundings to keep her mind off the one she let get away: Cody Madison.

    Marital Status: Married; Did it on a whim after Mitch Buchannon was not getting married after all. She was determined that someone was going to get married after everyone had shown up for the big event. She had planned and set up for Mitch and his “bride,” Allison Ford.
    Heritage: Finnish decent
    Parents: Mother, who is just as independent as C.J. is. She raised C.J and her brother as a singe parent.
    Children: None
    Siblings: 1 brother

    Reason For Becoming A Lifeguard: Cares about people and loves helping them. Loves law and order in check and in keeping the beaches and waters safe. Wants to make a difference. Her love of athletics and outdoor skills made the position a perfect match. She knew that this was the career path for her.

    Hobbies/Interests: Boating; Diving; Hang Gliding; Jogging; Kick-boxing; Lifeguard competitions; Rafting; Rowing; Surfing; Swimming; Water Sports.

    Personal Premise: Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Never prejudge anyone. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

    Ambition: To meet the right man and get married. Wants children!

    Frustrations & Chief Disappointments: Going off to Mexico on vacation and falling for a tattooed rocker only to marry him on a whim…right after Cody Madison had proposed and she accepted by placing the ring on her own finger. She had spent a lot of time in trying to land Cody. 
    She had gotten very close to Max, a homeless man. Although he had left her money and all of his belongings, it hurt her greatly when he didn’t pull through when they tried to save his life. 
    Matt Brody’s leaving Baywatch because of Neely’s faux sexual harrassment charges. It was a real heartbreaker for her. C.J. had started dating him after his breakup with Summer Quinn, who had decided to move on to college. Neely Capshaw, who was a transfer, lied claiming sexual harrassment charges against Matt. Neely was determined to stop him exposing the fact that she had failed to see a victim due to her alcoholic abuse. When she finally joined Matt to help with the victim, he smelled alcohol on her breath and knew that she had been drinking on duty momentsbefore joining him. C.J., with the help of Mitch and Matt had gotten solid evidence and a confessionon tape by Neely. She was rightfully fired. But later, even with solid evidence against her, Neely had gotten the court to overturn its decision. Claiming that she was wrongfully fired, she returned toBaywatch. It was out of Mitch’s hands, as the matter was handled by the Brass. The Brass let her return provided that she dropped the charges. Matt could not work with her after what she had done. He left Baywatch to go home to France to join his parents. He returned later for a short while. C.J. had hoped that they could continue their relationship, but his return was short lived. Matt left for good. Any chance they had to continue their relationship was gone. 
    Once acted on a snap decision to leaveBaywatch on a whim because of a breakup. That’s right, the guy she was dating dumped her-just like that. C.J. wasn’t too happy about that! She packed up and moved out into the wilderness to stay away from men. She didn’t even want to look at another man.   
    Fell hard for John D. Cort only to have him leaveBaywatch. She was heartbroken. He came back toBaywatch to sweep her off her feet once more. And she fell hard again. She knew something was wrong with him when he kept crashing into things and appeared clumsy. She went to Mitch for help telling him that something was wrong. Mitch watched and figured that it was his sight after he failed to see a victim in the water. The tester was hitting him from the side. Cort didn’t see it coming. Her heart sank when he was diagnoised withDegenerative Eye Disease. She still wanted their relationship to continue, but he was so distraught that he left Baywatch since he couldn’t be a lifeguard because of the condition. 
    Temperament: A free spirit. Always did what she wanted. Not the type who can be lead. Always speaks her own mind. Willing to go all out to help another person in trouble.

    Attitude Toward Life: Always treat people the way you would like to be treated. Good things will come back to you. Value close, trusted relationships.
    Complexes: Has trouble keeping a meaningful, romantic relationship. She falls in love easily. Thinks that every man is the one she is going to marry.
    Abilities: Extremely skillful water and rescue skills; ability to think about the situation and best rescue method while in pursuit of the victim. Can easily gain the trust of victims to keep them calm until safely rescued. Takes the role of leadership seriously. Treats everyone with dignity.