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  • B Team Photoshoot

    By admin, on November 5th, 2014, under The B Movie News

    Jaason Simmons, David Chokachi, Michael Bergin and Alexandra Paul got together for a photoshoot. Here what Alexandra had to say:

    I did a photo shoot with Baywatch castmates Jaason Simmons, Michael Bergin and David Chokachi today, for the Dream Loud project. Dream Loud is bringing attention to the drastic cuts in music & arts funding in schools these days. We, of course, took some photos ourselves in the process. As you can see, we have fun together, which is why we are making The B Team!

    (Photo credit: Alexandra Paul, Jaason Simmons, David Chokachic via Twitter)

    Baywatch, the B-movie: what we know so far

    By admin, on July 16th, 2014, under The B Movie News

    Baywatch: B Team Movie
    There is an unofficial Baywatch spin-off film on the horizon. Although legally, The B-Team can’t mention Baywatch, because it doesn’t have the production rights to the original TV series, it has plenty in common with the LA-based show. Here’s what we know so far.

    It’s called The B-Team and is a tongue-in-cheek spy film

    The concept behind The B-Team is that the stars of Baywatch weren’t actually actors by trade, but CIA agents, who were pretending to be household name stars while secretly fighting crime. It’s also a pointed look at the lives and careers of the dredges of Hollywood. British director Chris Cottom told The Independent: “There are mentions of rehab and boob jobs and ages and The B-Team is a joke about B-List actors – it’s quite refreshing.”

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    Baywatch Relaunch, or is it?

    By admin, on July 9th, 2014, under The B Movie News

    Baywatch Remake? Baywatch Reunion 2014

    John Cleese will have to amend one of his most famous catchphrases – his classic line from the sitcom Fawlty Towers: “Don’t mention the war!” In one of the most legally tricky film projects of next year the comedian will appear alongside stars of Baywatch but – due to rights issues – is barred from uttering the name of the iconic Nineties television show. Don’t mention the Baywatch.

    Cleese, who is taking part in a long sell-out run of the live show Monty Python Live (mostly) at London’s O2 arena, is back in big demand. His part in the film The B-Team – in which David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson are expected to appear – is as a classic British villain, living in on a yacht in the Mediterranean. The film, which was originated by former Baywatch stars Alexandra Paul and Jaason Simmons, is being shot by British director Chris Cottam.

    Baywatch ran for 11 seasons between 1989 and 2001 and made global stars of the cast. The idea behind the film came from the many international film events the actors attended in the company of foreign dignitaries at the end of the Cold War period. They could have – the script suggests – been working undercover for the CIA.

    The problem is that – although the famous red swimsuits do feature – without the production rights to Baywatch, any mention of the famous series must be censored by an explosion or the knocking over of an expensive vase.

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