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  • How DOES a Welsh shopgirl get to marry The Hoff?

    By admin, on May 21st, 2016, under David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    A picture-perfect beach in Barbados and David Hasselhoff is doing what The Hoff does best: cavorting with a tiny-waisted, pneumatic blonde who can’t take her eyes off his perma-tanned chest.
    Only, unlike the famous slow-motion scenes from the TV series that transfixed a generation back in the Nineties (who could forget the low-cut red swimming costumes that launched Pamela Anderson into global consciousness?), this time the iconic Baywatch star has the unmistakable air of a man in love.
    ‘Beauuuutiful,’ he coos, snapping picture after picture on his iPhone, which has been customised with a logo on the back reading: ‘The Man, The Myth, The Hoff’. ‘Baby, you’re so beautiful,’ he adds. ‘Don’t ever change.’

    The subject of his adoration is Hayley Roberts, 36, a pocket-sized Welsh blonde whose ease in an itsy-bitsy string bikini will serve her well as the next Mrs Hasselhoff.
    She giggles and waves, waggling the huge sparkler on her ring finger. ‘I want to wear it all the time,’ she says. ‘But David worries I’ll lose it so I need to get it resized.’ He is watching her like a hawk, lest his excitable young fiancée drops it in the sand.
    She and David have been engaged for exactly a month today, following his proposal five years after they met while she was working as a £6-an-hour sales assistant in the Merthyr Tydfil branch of Debenhams.
    Their relationship has come in for a fair share of criticism, not least because of the substantial age gap — at 63, David is 27 years Hayley’s senior.
    Last week, unflattering photographs taken during their holiday in Barbados appeared to show her hoisting David up a ladder out of the sea as he struggled to climb it unaided.
    But they insist the headlines couldn’t be further from the truth. ‘W*****s!’ says David of the paparazzi who took the pictures, proud of his very British turn of phrase. ‘I had sun lotion on my hands and the ladder was slippery.
    ‘I couldn’t get a grip on it, so she was helping me up. Simple as that.’
    In truth, he looks remarkably young for his years, with line-free skin and a bronzed body that’s honed by dumbbells and protein powder (there’s a big tub of the stuff by his bed).
    He wears long shorts, trainers and a tight black T-shirt, which he peels off as he pads around the couple’s palatial holiday villa.
    Hayley, whose lilting accent rivals a character from the TV sitcom Gavin & Stacey, is watching her fiance with a smile.
    ‘David is an amazing person,’ she says. ‘He’s so protective and he always makes sure I’ve got everything I want. He has a good heart. I’m lucky to be with him.’
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    David Hasselhoff Joins Baywatch Movie

    By admin, on March 3rd, 2016, under Baywatch Movie, David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff has confirmed he will be part of the film based on the 1990s Baywatch series that made him a star.

    Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is playing Hasselhoff’s original character Mitch Buchannon, revealed the surprise on his social media accounts, but it is not clear what role The Hoff will play.

    He posted a video of himself on Instagram and Facebook facetiming with his future co-star.

    During the conversation, Johnson tells Hasselhoff: “I don’t know if the world is ready for both of us. Are you ready?”

    “C’mon man, Rock and The Hoff, I was born ready!” Hasselhoff answers.

    “There ain’t no ‘Bay’ without The Hoff,” Johnson exclaims. “Baywatch. Get ready, world.”

    Filming of the movie is under way in Boca Raton, Florida, with stars including Zac Efron, model Kelly Rohrbach and Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra already signed up.

    Johnson wrote under the video of his chat with Hasselhoff: “Baywatch is the most successful TV show of all time and, from the day we announced we were turning it into a movie, The Hoff has been our greatest supporter – especially once he knew our Rated R movie was going to be a combination of Avengers meets Anchorman.

    “Hoff’s a cool dude who’s down to have fun and here’s the best part: he’s been training his a** off and gotten in the best shape he’s been in in years.”

    Hasselhoff retweeted a link to Johnson’s announcement on his Twitter page.

    The show about lifeguards in Los Angeles ran for 242 episodes between 1989 and 2001 and became known for its slow-motion shots of the cast running around the beach wearing red swimwear.

    The film is due for release in the US in May next year.

    "I WAS BORN READY!" Pleasure to officially welcome the original #BAYWATCH gangsta himself David Hasselhoff to our movie! #BAYWATCH is the most successful TV show of all time and from the day we announced we were turning it into a movie, "The Hoff" has been our greatest supporter. Especially once he knew our RATED R movie was going to be a combination of AVENGERS meets ANCHORMAN….🌊🖕🏾Hoff's a cool dude who's down to have fun and here's the best part.. He's been training his ass off and gotten in the best shape he's been in in years! (cue slo-mo running and glistening chest hair.. wait, why the f*ck am I even thinking about Hoff's chest hair!?) World get ready.. #RockAndHoff #ThereAintNoBay #WithoutTheHoff 💯👊🏾

    A video posted by therock (@therock) on

    David Hasselhoff to become a Daddy again?

    By admin, on June 28th, 2015, under David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff’s girlfriend wants to have a baby.

    The ‘Baywatch’ actor – who has daughters Taylor, 25, and Hayley, 22, with ex-wife Pamela Bach – has seen Hayley Roberts turn down five of his marriage proposals since they first started dating in 2011, but she is now ready to settle down with him.
    She said: “I want to be with David forever and we want to get married and have kids.
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    Hasselhoff the wedding crasher!

    By admin, on January 5th, 2015, under David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    A NEWLY-MARRIED couple had an unforgettable end to their wedding celebrations when celebrites David Hasselhoff and Christopher Biggins made a surprise appearance.

    Clare and Craig Shipman tied the knot at the Roslin Beach Hotel, in Thorpe Bay, on Monday and were celebrating with their 75 guests when “the Hoff” and Biggins, who are starring in Southend’s panto, joined the party. The pair were dining in another room with friends when they were asked if they would make the couple’s big day by stopping by.
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    David Hasselhoff launches iphone game

    By admin, on October 24th, 2014, under David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff has launched his brand new iPhone game Hoff Zombie Beach.

    The game sees The Hoff defending a beach from mutant zombies who arrive from the sea. Weapons include an exploding seagull and a goo gun, while the actor must stop the undead before they destroy the sandcastles at his feet.

    Speaking about the game with Digital Spy, Hasselhoff said that it can be played by all age groups, and that it contains many references to his previous work.
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    David Hasselhoff and Justin Bieber

    By admin, on September 29th, 2014, under David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    While little is known about the song, Bieber and Hasselhoff were seen filming for the video in Venice Beach. The pop star and actor were photographed riding in the iconic “Knight Rider” KITT car from the 1980s TV show in which Hasselhoff starred.
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    Hoff upset by Jimi Jamison’s death

    By admin, on September 14th, 2014, under David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    Hasselhoff says he found out about the death of the Survivor front man after coming off stage having just sung the 80s classic himself – but says he regrets never having met the musician

    David Hasselhoff says the death of Jimi Jamison, the lead singer of rock group Survivor and the voice of the Baywatch theme tune, has upset him “horribly”.
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    Pamela Bach arrested

    By admin, on July 19th, 2014, under David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff News

    David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife Pamela Bach, has been accused of bumping into a parked car on her L.A. block while drunk last Friday night.

    According to Sources
    David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife Pamela Bach, has been accused of bumping into a parked car on her L.A. block while drunk last Friday night, TMZ first reported.

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