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  • Season Eight

    1 > Rookie Summer /1 8th Season Premiere
    episode # 156    air date: 22 Sep 97

    Baywatch is looking for several new Rookie Lifeguards. Manny (Jose Solano) and Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) are among the candidates for one of the slots. April Giminski (Kelly Packard) and Lani McKenzie (Carmen Electra) are the main focus for introduction here.

    Mitch (David Hasselhoff) reminisces about his own Rookie Summer, and Chief Johnson (Erin Gray) is impressed with his test scores and wanted him to take the Captain’s position vacated by Samantha Thomas (Nancy Valen). She held Mitch personally responsible for her leaving the position.

    Mitch is concerned with Hobie’s seeming lack of commitment during the qualifying competition. He barely made it, not putting forth any effort.

    A loser, Richie is angry that he did not make among the qualifiers when April is picked over him when another Rookie was injured with a torn hamstring.

    Lani’s ex-boyfriend stalk her and plans to take her back to Hawaii with him on a freighter. Manny is disqualified on a technicallity. His eyesight doesn’t meet county regulation.

    Recurring Cast
    Erin Gray as Chief Monica Johnson
    Ingrid Walters Sheryl Whalen
    Jonathan Crowe as Ingo Dobbins

    Guest Starting
    Hamilton von Watts as Darren Homes
    Mark Auerbach
    Tim Wrightman


    2 > Next Generation /2
    episode # 157    air date: 29 Sep 97

    The Rookies go into training. A Jetskier harasses April, Lani (Carmen Electra) and Skylar (Marliece Andrada). April is dragged through the water when the tether of her rescue can gets caught in the Jet. When the Jetskier stops, the momentum carries her forward causing her to hit her head against the Jetski. She later falls off the obstacle net with Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) coming to her rescue and calling Newman (Michael Newman) for help. She is taken to the hospital.

    Later during Jetski maneuvering practice, the same Jetskier is seen. April and Lani identify him and approached Newman and Cody (David Chokachi) and explained what happened. They give a long hard chase, and it turns out to be Richie.

    The final Rookies were to be chosen in the final race ‘The Gaunlet.’ Hobie, who purposely held back in the preliminary, came on strong with experience and skill to win over Manny (Jose Solano). April showed sheer determination to get the last spot.

    Mitch gets a visit from his Rookie love whom he hadn’t heard from or seen in 25 years.

    Recurring Cast
    Erin Gray as Chief Monica Johnson
    Ingrid Walters Sheryl Whalen
    Jonathan Crowe as Ingo Dobbins

    Guest Starting
    Sonia Satra as Betsy Wexler


    3 > The Choice
    episode # 158    air date: 6 Oct 97

    This episode introduces Jack “J.D. Darius (Michael Bergin). After a leave of absence he comes back to ‘Baywatch’ to apply for the open Lieutenant’s position. His competition is a professional lifeguard named Taylor Walsh (Angelica Bridges). The Chief had sent her over to interview for the position.

    Although J.D. is more qualified for the position, he has problems to work out in the form of getting past a failed pier rescue. Mitch (David Hasselhoff) has known him since he was 18 years old and was a friend. Mitch had a choice to make as to who would be best suited for the position.

    Guest Starting
    Donalee Wood


    4 > Memorial Day
    episode # 159    air date: 13 Oct 97

    The Rookies all go to work on their first day official day on the beach. Mitch (David Hasselhoff), April (Kelly Packard), and Skylar (Marliece Andrada) help Two old Veterans try to keep a promise to give an old buddy a decent burial. Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) pulls rank over his ex-surfing buddies.

    Guest Starting
    Dick Martin as Ed
    Howard Morris as Jigger
    Gabriel Damon as Tod
    Nick Paulos as Hobie’s friend
    Jamie King as Dance Instructor


    5 > Charlie
    episode # 160    air date: 20 Oct 97

    The show turns to real life for its brilliant, emotional episode. The episode is based on the true story of couragous little Charlie Everett Hays (June 29, 1984 – January 30, 1997), who had Medullary Thyroid cancer, a rare disease usually found in children. The Baywatchers made his last days enjoyable. Charlie always wanted to make a difference. Allowing the scientists to do tests on him enabled them to find a genetic marker to help keep children from dying.

    Recurring Cast
    Jonathan Crowe as Ingo Dobbins

    Guest Starting
    Michael Cuccione as Charlie Giminski
    Judith Ledford as Paige Giminski
    David Jahn as Boat Driver


    6 > Lifeguard Confidential
    episode # 161    air date: 27 Oct 97

    Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth) returns to ‘Baywatch after a failed attempt at a part on the soap’ ‘Shannon’s Hope.’ A sleazy reporter dishes out dirt about the Lifeguards making them suspect that there is a spy among them fishing information about their private lives to him.

    Recurring Cast
    Yasmine Bleeth as Caroline Holden

    Guest Starting
    Shadoe Stevens as ‘Riptide’ Roger Peltyn
    Amy Miller Chantal Cloobeck
    Tanya Garrett


    7 > Out of the Blue
    episode # 162    air date: 3 Nov 97

    Jordan (Traci Bingham) finds out that her biological Mother is white. Mitch (David Hasselhoff) tries to help them meet even though Jordan is opposed to it. Her Mother had to find her to warn Jordan about a genetic disease.

    J.D. talks Caroline into going sailing when suddenly a huge wave flips their sailboat over. A mass was ready to fall on her when J.D. pulls her to safety. She cried later that day, as it was how her sister Stephanie (Alexandra Paul) died. In an attempt to comfort her, J.D. and Caroline have a romantic evening. She later finds out that she has the part on the soap, ‘Shannon’s Hope’ and has to choose between the two.

    Recurring Cast
    Yasmine Bleeth as Caroline Holden
    Gregory J. Barnett as Jim Barnett

    Guest Starting
    Marcia Strassman as Rene, Jordan’s mother


    8 > Eel Nino
    episode # 163    air date: 10 Nov 97

    Romance blossoms between Manny (Jose Solano) and April (Kelly Packard). Their moonlight kiss in their dory is interrupted by something in the water. They find that there is a dead Sea Lion that Manny brings in, and April tells him that she saw something else in the water.

    When several ‘Lions’ are found dead in one week, the cause is investigated. An eel that was one of the specimens escaping through a cracked tank because of an earthquake is now huge and is on the rampage attacking Sealions and people.

    A love triangle ensues, Manny and April are in love and Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) has eyes for April. He tries to win her over despite knowing that Manny and April are dating.

    Recurring Cast
    Ingrid Walters as Sheryl Whalen

    Guest Starting
    Barbara Stock as Dr. Meyers
    Gregory White as Max
    Marty Ingels
    Jack Riley
    Christopher Maleki
    Freddie Glusman


    9 > Homecoming
    episode # 164    air date: 17 Nov 97

    This episode welcomes back Craig Pomeroy (Parker Stevenson), as he comes in to defend an Native American Indian’s right to die on the beach. Craig is going through a lot and has to reevaluate his life.

    Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) is welcomed back in this episode also. She injured her back and after some time off for recovery, is ready to go back to work. Donna (Donna D’Errico) helps her get back into shape and to study for the Lifeguard exam. Donna suspects her addiction to the painkillers that has helped her through her injury and warns Neely that a physical exam and a blood test are required to pass. Neely later decides to quit ‘Baywatch’ and take a Lifeguarding position with a private club whose requirements aren’t as strict.

    Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) lets his friends talk him into getting into a nightclub with a fake ID to satisfy the age 21 requirement. He enters a dance contest at their urging and wins, but cannot collect the money, as the manager realizes that the ID is fake. He goes to Craig for help.

    Recurring Cast
    Parker Stevenson as Craig Pomeroy
    Joshua Berk as J.B.
    Corey Schwartz as Connor

    Guest Starting
    Art La Fleur as Tully
    Elaine Bilstad as Anna
    Saginaw Grant as Eyes That See At Night
    Joseph Cali
    Charles Stevenson Jr.
    Todd Breaugh
    Jonathan Wechsler
    Corey Schwartz
    Joshua Berk
    Jamie King
    Kathryn White
    Ricardo La Cienega


    10 > Missing
    episode # 165    air date: 24 Nov 97

    Cody (David Chokachi) suffers the consequences of leaving his tower a few minutes early for the day. A young teenaged girl is seen going into the water by her younger sister and never coming out. There is all out search for her, with Mitch getting a big headache from a story hungry press, and the Chief wanting Cody’s resignation on her desk.

    Recurring Cast
    Yasmine Bleeth as Caroline Holden
    Erin Gray as Chief Monica Johnson (voice)
    Ingrid Walters as Sheryl Whalen
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Yolanda Lloyd Delgado as Lucinda Alvarez
    Michelle Aguirre as Rosanna Alvarez
    Jerry Penacoli as Harvey Norris
    Wendy Walsh as Sarah DeWindt
    Meghan Gutierrez


    11 > Hijacked
    episode # 166    air date: 6 Dec 97

    Caroline Holden (Yasmine Bleeth) comes back to ‘Baywatch’ during her hiatus from ‘Shannon’s Hope’ to stay active on the roster as a Lifeguard. A thief on the run from the law jumps in Caroline’s Lifeguard Truck holding a gun telling her to drive. She manages to get away, but is haunted by the experience.

    Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) gets a job at a nearby private beach club as a Lifeguard. A barge that was close to shore, has an explosion after a Jetskier splashes water onto the surface close to the fireworks. Neely who is tired is on it, but shows sloppy Lifeguarding, forgetting her can. She tries to rescue the victim, but he is in heavy work gear that gets soaked with water and is quickly taken down and takes Neely with him. Mitch (David Hasselhoff), Donna (Donna D’Errico) and Caroline come to her aid. Mitch wanted to hear from Donna what the real problem was with Neely.

    Neely breaks down after Mitch uses a ploy about a disability check to lure her into headquarters. When Mitch reveals new evidence about Neely not being in a hospital for her back, she breaks down and tells the truth.

    Recurring Cast
    Yasmine Bleeth as Caroline Holden

    Guest Starting
    Gary Kohn as Trey Glasser


    12 > No Way Out
    episode # 167    air date: 26 Jan 98

    April (Kelly Packard) is angry because Manny (Jose Solano) didn’t tell his Mother (Vicky Carr) about her because she is White and thinks that he is ashamed to be seen with her. She goes diving with Craig Pomeroy (Parker Stevenson) to clear her head and they encounter a shark. They make it to safety inside a pipe tunnel that a part of a Power Plant’s cooling system. The strong suction pulls them in. They are soon trapped in a metal room half filled with water. They hold on for dear life during the system’s cooling cycles to keep from being pulled into the deadly blades that is causing the suction.

    Noting that the two haven’t come back during the specific time indicated, Mitch (David Hasselhoff) conducts a full-fledged search operation. J.D. (Michael Bergin) and Newmy (Michael Newman) are sent out to their boat and they were told to search that area. They encounter the pipe tunnel and when the cycle begins again, J.D. is sucked in while Newmy manages to fight the pull to escape. He hurries back to the boat to radio for help. This force’s Mitch to call the Power Plant to tell them that someone is in the exhaust intake. He tells them to turn it off.

    Meanwhile, Craig is holding on to J.D. to keep him from getting sucked into the deadly blades. Both grips are slipping. April climbs down behind Craig to grab onto J.D.’s hand to strengthen the hold. They start to slip again. The blades suddenly stop just as J.D.’s hand slips from theirs.

    Craig asks J.D. how much air he has left. He had more than half enabling them to get out.

    Recurring Cast
    Parker Stevenson as Craig Pomeroy
    Vikki Carr as Teresa Gutierrez

    Guest Starting
    Julio Dolce Vita as Manny´s old friend


    13 > Count Down
    episode # 168    air date: 2 Feb 98

    Danger explodes when hand grenades wash up on the beach. After a search operation, April (Kelly Packard) finds a case of grenades. Two angry veterans are responsible, stating that their Country let them down. They fought for the Country and they left them on the street with nothing. After some investigation, the two angry men hold Cody (David Chokachi) and Mitch (David Hasselhoff) captive. Later, the two smugglers set a bomb to go off by a timer. Cody and Mitch manage to get free and fight the men off while the timer is counting down. During his struggle with one of the smugglers, a heavy barrel against the wall pins Cody in, while the bomb is ticking down.

    Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) who had been staying with Mitch tries to make herself useful and turns the house upside down. Mitch seems upset when she decides that she had imposed enough and it was time for her and Ashley to leave.

    Guest Starting
    Chip Mayer as Vance
    Mike White as Ray
    Holliston Coleman as Bridget


    14 > Surf City
    episode # 169    air date: 9 Feb 98

    April (Kelly Packard) broke off her relationship with Manny (Jose Solano) because he cancelled out of a Dinner that was to honor her deceased brother Charlie at the last minute. He knew about the Dinner one-month in advance. She asks Craig (Parker Stevenson) to go in his place and he accepts. He daydreams about April coming to his tower and saying that she didn’t care how old he was, that she wanted him. He was brought back to reality when Mitch (David Hasselhoff) asked if something was wrong.

    In reality, there is nothing going on between the two. April just thinks of Craig as a dear friend, and Craig is trying hard not to let his infatuation for April show. Manny sees the two together and thinks that they are dating. Later, he tells Craig off. When Craig finally gets Manny to listen, he tells him that he is the only thing that is keeping him and April apart. He should have told April the truth. His reason for canceling out was that he spent his money on textbooks. He didn’t think that his suit was nice enough to go to the dinner. Craig fixes him up with a nice tux so that he could go with April instead.

    Cody (David Chokachi) and Lani (Carmen Electra) spend more time together by taking up Tandum Surfing, and are coached by surfing World Champions who are training in preparation for the event to defend their title.

    Click here to get to the Anna and Bobby page.

    Recurring Cast
    Parker Stevenson as Craig Pomeroy


    15 > To The Max /1
    episode # 170    air date: 16 Feb 98

    After the team rescues Captain Bob (Joseph Whipp) and his sons, J.D. (Michael Bergin) tries to talk some of the Lifeguards into joining him in diving for sea urchins and they would get to keep a nice percentage of the money from what they caught. Captain Bob and his son collect and sell the sea urchins to the markets in the Far East for $500 a pound. When Cody’s (David Chokachi) car breaks down, he knew that he had to do it for the money to get a new one. Jordan (Traci Bingham) told him that it would take $2100 to have his car fixed.

    Mitch (David Hasselhoff) has eyes for a young woman who rides her horse on the beach everyday. He tells Cody to get her name, address and information and to ‘Cite’ her. New rules on the beach. Cody does with her not believing that she has been ‘Cited,’ so and Mitch intervenes to tell Cody that they could let her off with just a warning. Cody realizes that Mitch has just set him up so that he could meet her. The woman’s name was Jenny Wade (Maura Peters). Jenny’s horse, named ‘To the Max,’ was a champion racehorse, but was recuperating from hock surgery and she is worried that he may never race again.

    In order for Mitch to work up the courage to ask her out, Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) agrees to help him get a date with her by taking the riding lessons that Mitch suggested. Jenny knew what Mitch was up to from the beginning with the fake citation.

    After the boys gather a hefty catch of sea urchins, someone is signaling for help. One of the divers never came back exploring rock formation. He couldn’t go down to look for him because his ‘bottom time’ was up. Cody and J.D. couldn’t dive again either as their bottom time was up as well. They would get the bends if they went under. Lani volunteers to go under, even though she has a cold. Cody and J.D. didn’t want her to do it, as she would not be able to equalize because of her cold. Captain Bob was no diver. She was the only choice. Reluctantly, they suit her up and she finds the man who is out of air. She tries to calm him down. They share the air and as they make their way up, Lani suddenly grabs her head as she suffers convulsions. Mitch and April get to them and Mitch tries to calm her down and get her back to the surface. April helps the other diver. Her eardrum ruptured and causes her to lose her hearing. Cody feels helpless and blames himself for the situation for letting her go down in the first place.

    Recurring Cast
    Gregory J. Barnett as Jim Barnett

    Guest Starting
    Maura Peters
    Joseph Whipp as Captain Bob
    Buddy Joe Hooker as Nick
    Brian J. Palermo as Carl
    Julie Michaels as Cynthia
    Matt Westmore


    16 > Night of the Dolphin /2
    episode # 171    air date: 23 Feb 98

    This episode extends a big welcome back to Garner Ellerbee (GregAlan Williams) now an undercover detective for the Drug Interdiction Agency. Garner and Mitch (David Hasselhoff) get a chance to renew their old friendship. Garner tells Mitch there’s a big drug smuggling ring operating off the coastline. He asks Mitch to help him track down and bust the drug dealers.

    A handsome young man named Donovan (Peter Lucas) approaches Neely (Gena Lee Nolin). He is attracted to Neely, and invites her to a party he’s throwing on his boat. She invites Mitch and Garner to come along. When they board the yacht, Garner recognizes Donovan and realizes that the boat is the cover for the drug operation and Donovan is the head drug dealer.

    They inform Neely about Donovan and that he is smuggling drugs from Mexico. Mitch and garner investigate the water around the yacht that night. They are discovered by Lucas (Kevin Light), Donovan’s main domo. They try to get away without being recognized, but they are by Lucas. Garner asks Neely to infiltrate the boat and plant a bug. She manages to do so, but since Donovan told Lucas that he saw her friends snooping around he boat, he takes Neely prisoner.

    Another shipment of drugs is coming in and an airplane drops it into the water. Donovan is about to get the shipment aboard, the yacht is flooded with lights and Donovan and his are arrested and taken into custody.

    Lani (Carmen Electra) comes to terms with her hearing loss. A doctor tells Cody (David Chokachi) that Lani has ruptured eardrums and that the loss is total. They would have to see if the loss is temporary or permanent. Cody is at a complete loss for ways to comfort her.

    Later, Lani sadly walks along the beach when suddenly hears the cry of a lost little girl. She realized that her hearing has been restored and returns the child to her Mother. Everyone at ‘Baywatch’ is happy that Lani is O.K.

    Recurring Cast
    Greg Alan Williams as Garner Ellerbee
    Gregory J. Barnett as Jim Barnett

    Guest Starting
    Peter J. Lucas as Mike Donovan
    Kevin Light as Lucas
    Mik Scriba as Doctor
    Rosario Gru


    17 > Full Throttle
    episode # 172    air date: 2 Mar 98

    Cody (David Chokachi) gets in over his head when two rich local men challenge him to a boat race and he uses Mitch’s (David Hasselhoff) boat as marker. Cody injures himself attempting a rescue and is unable to race. He cannot get up the stairs to his apartment and Newmy (Michael Newman) helps him over to the Buchannon’s residence for their planned poker game. J.D. (Michael Bergin) and Manny (Jose Solano) cancels out at the last minute. It was the three of them and Mitch provided the baby as a fourth player. She was winning with Mitch’s help. Cody and Newmy did not like playing with the baby as a player. Newmy mentions the race since Cody was hurt. Cody did not want to tell Mitch about using his boat as a marker to cover a bet. He had to admit to the whole thing, as he could not race with a leg injury. The doctor told him to stay off of it for a couple of days. To make things worse, Cody asked Mitch if he could crash out on his sofa for a couple of days.

    Mitch goes along with Cody to tell the men that the race is off because of injury and because the boat was his. When they asked Mitch why couldn’t he race them in Cody’s place, he tells them that he doesn’t want to. When they start talking about Lifeguards and call Mitch ‘Pops,’ the challenge is accepted. Mitch would race in Cody’s place.

    The two men who challenged them were going to cheat in the race by wiring it to go faster. The plan backfires as their boat soon overheats and catches fire when the men takes it to high speed in order to leave their competitors behind. They had to jump out to safety. Newmy speeds up and allows Mitch to jump aboard the other boat, which is still going at high speed. Mitch has to try and stop the boat, which is now headed toward the pier loaded with people. He gets the fire out with an extinguisher and pulls out wires until the boat stops just short of the pier.

    Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) gets a second job as a cocktail waitress so that she can raise the necessary money to find a really nice apartment. Mitch is asked to act as sitter until she lands the job, and again when she moonlights after landing it. Mitch has other plans as he prepares the guestroom for Neely and the baby. Neely loses her second job because she dropped too many glasses for the manager to keep her. She seeks Mitch’s comfort and is both pleased and surprised when he shows her the wallpaper for the guestroom that he is fixing up for her and Ashley.

    Guest Starting
    Eric Gustavson as Spenser
    Dan Horton as Cooper
    Jack McGee as Tommy


    18 > Quarantine
    episode # 173    air date: 20 Apr 98

    April (Kelly Packard) design a line of shoes for her Fashion Design Class (the actual Shoe Line) and has a meeting with a firm that manufactures shoes. She hopes that they will be able to make a deal on getting them to purchase her line.

    A rescue results in one of the victims sent to the hospital in serious condition. Headquarters is quarantined and those who are there cannot leave and no one can enter until it is found that the victim does not have a contagious disease.

    Recurring Cast
    Jeff Altman as Ed Symes
    Chris Fiore as Chris


    19 > Diabolique
    episode # 174    air date: 27 Apr 98

    Mitch (David Hasselhoff) saves a woman who is hired as Ashley’s new Nanny (Pamela Bach). She becomes dangerously obsessed with him and tries to win him over by making his Mother look incompetent.

    Recurring Cast
    Anne Jeffreys as Irene Buchannon

    Guest Starting
    Pamela Bach as Carly / Sara Chapman Brandon Gatson


    20 > Bon Voyage /1
    episode # 175    air date: 4 May 98

    Lani (Carmen Electra) continues the ‘Baywatch’ tradition by becoming the third Lifeguard to appear on the cover of ‘Inside Sports’ magazine’s swimsuit issue. Cody (David Chokachi) is jealous and fears that she may not come back in her photo shoot in Alaska aboard the Dawn Princess. Donna (Donna D’Errico) and (Gena Lee Nolin) are accompanying Lani on the Cruise photo shoot.

    To Mitch and Hobie’s dismay, Neely finally located Peter and decides that she will take Ashley with her on the trip to tell him about the baby.

    Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) wins a vacation Cruise for four and it allows Mitch (David Hasselhoff) and Cody to surprise the girls. Hobie looks for a fourth person to accompany them.

    Two jewel thieves dive for emeralds for their boss and decide to double cross him to keep the jewels for themselves. When Robby Quinn backs out of it, Leslie Stryker decides to go through with the double cross. She knocks him unconscious and tries to finish the job by tying him to an anchor and sending it in the water. He manages to untie himself before he passes out and float to the surface. Leslie uses a quickie hair color to change herself from a blonde into a redhead. She tells her partner over her cellular phone that she changed her hair color to red and she is now known as Clair Hodges. She sees a problem when the Lifeguards save Robby and cannot tell whether he is dead or alive. She needed to get into Baywatch Headquarters to find out about his condition. She later fakes the need of Lifeguard and Hobie ‘saves’ her. She finds out about the Alaska Cruise after J.D. (Michael Bergin) asks Hobie if the fourth spot was still available, Leslie tricks and charms Hobie into taking her along. She feigns a fainting spell after learning about Robby’s condition and what hospital he was in.

    The doctor finds nothing physically wrong with her. And thinks that she fainted due to stress. Leslie sneaks into Robby’s room and tries to kill him. But before she does, she tells him her plans and how she was going to Alaska. The doctor came in, stopping her plans. She claimed that she heard a moaning sound. When she rejoined Hobie, she sees Gavin and stares, hoping that he does not recognize her. Gavin claims to be the victim’s brother. Gavin asks to have a moment alone with him. From his semi-conscious state, Robby tells Gavin where Leslie is going and what Cruise Ship she is on.

    Hobie brings Leslie home and introduces her to Mitch. Mitch is stunned, as she appeared to be much older. She excused herself to go to the bathroom. Mitch makes his disapproval known because Hobie had just met her and was taking her on the Cruise.

    A description of Leslie is given to Gavin and he sets out on the ship to look for her. Lani and Donna sees him getting out of a limo and Donna thinks that she has found her dream man.

    Recurring Cast
    Ingrid Walters as Sheryl Whalen
    Jerry L. Croft as himself
    Gregory J. Barnett as Jim Barnett

    Guest Starting
    Don Diamont as Gavin
    Heather Stephens as Leslie Stryker / Clair Hodges
    Richard Danielson as Robby Quinn
    David Spielberg
    Floyd Levine


    21 > White Thunder at the Glacier Bay 1 /2
    episode # 176    air date: 11 May 98

    The guys surprise the girls and Neely (Gena Lee Nolin) thanks Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) for winning the Cruise. He and Leslie sit at another table when he still feels the heat from Mitch (David Hasselhoff) over ‘Clair’ on the Cruise. Lani (Carmen Electra) also notices that she looked a lot older that Hobie.

    Gavin is searching the ship for blondes that fit the description given to him and after a big mistake with a man’s blonde wife, sets his sights on Donna (Donna D’Errico) in the casino, mistaking her for Leslie.

    When the ship docks, Leslie avoids Gavin when she offers to baby sit Ashley so that Neely, Cody and Mitch could enjoy Ketchikan. Cody and Mitch fish for Salmon and Neely takes photos of the scenery and is pursued by a grizzly bear. They manage to scare it off and save Neely.

    Later, Leslie gives herself away when faced with Gavin. She stares at him in fear. This triggers his memory the last time that he saw her with Hobie at the hospital. A chase ensues on deck and inside. Mitch sees her running to get away from this man, the same one he saw going into Donna’s cabin. He joins in the chase but Gavin quickly punches him out and continues pursuit. He finally catches her to force her to tell him where the jewels are. She lies to tell him that they were in her cabin. There she manages to escape. And escapes him again when she rents a paraglider.

    Guest Starting
    Don Diamont as Gavin
    Heather Stephens as Leslie Stryker / Clair Hodges
    Billy Hygate as Hinself
    Anna Marie Goddard as Lady in Restaurant
    Bryan Adams
    L. Lewis Stout


    22 > White Thunder at the Glacier Bay 2 /2
    episode # 177    air date: 18 May 98

    Neely (Gena lee Nolin) went to visit Peter to tell him about Ashley.

    Gavin (Don Diamont) has made his way after Leslie (Heather Stephens) and Hobie (Jeremy Jackson) and is soon airborne right behind them. Hobie still doesn’t know what’s going on. Gavin forces them down with a gun, firing warning shots.

    Mitch (David Hasselhoff) and Cody (David Chokachi) finds Donna (Donna D’Errico) and asks where Hobie is. Donna tells im that he had gone paragliding with Clair. He and Cody was going after them. He tells donna to stay away from Gavin. Notice how Mitch didn’t use the name Paul Nicholas (the name Gavin gave her). He had no indication as to what his real name was, but he was suddenly using it!

    Hobie and Leslie quickly shed their gear and scurry through the slippery Glaciers. Gavin lands soon after and is firing at them in a continued chase. Finally the two are trapped in a bank and Gavin is now looking down upon them. He forces Leslie to unfasten the straps of the backpack with Hobie’s urging and let him help them up. He really had no intention of helping them up the glacier as he left them below.

    Mitch and Cody make the only way that is accessable to the glaciers-by air. Their helicopter lands and they are soon looking for them. The two find the paraglides and gear. They call for Hobie while they make their search.

    Gavin is angered because the emeralds are not in the pack. Leslie pulls them out and tells him to come and get them. Hobie tells her to give him the emeralds. They are not worth dying for. Hobie tosses one up only to have his aim altered with interference from Leslie. Gavin’s trying to reach for it causes him to fall below. He is trapped with them. He forces them to give the emeralds to him. This is where Hobie learns all about Clair. Gavin tells all-that she is Leslie Stryker and duped him into her plot. That she is wanted for attempted murder. Leslie was a con artist that she used him to get to Alaska safely with stolen emeralds.

    Hobie hears his Father calling for him. Hobie answers with Gavin still pointing the gun at them. Mitch and Cody see them below and Gavin orders them to help him out. Fearing that the gunman might injure or kill Hobie, Mitch tells him to put the gun down first. When Gavin yells out a threat, they toss the rope down to him. Hobie sees a chance and tries to unarm Gavin. Gavin throws him off against the glacier. Cody pulls on the rope causing his gun to fall. When Mitch gets down the bank, a fight with Gavin ensues. Leslie tries to go for it, but Hobie stops her. Gavin is overtaken by Mitch and Cody gets them all up the Glacier. Gavin and Leslie are arrested. Hobie asks them to hold up before taking them into custody. He asked Leslie if she really meant anything that she said about them. Leslie’s reply was to the police. To get them off the glacier before they froze to death. Hobie was hurt.

    Later, Mitch sees Hobie standing on deck alone. He asked him how he was doing. When they took their trademark walk on the deck, Hobie realized that his Father was right-again. Mitch asked if he had his Tux with him because he was going to ask Neely to marry him. He wanted Hobie to be his best man. He showed his son the ring.

    When Mitch asked Neely to marry him, she was practically all over him. She said yes. The wedding was lovely and Neely was radiant. Donna was her Matron of Honor. Even Ashley was well behaved. She didn’t cry while Hobie held her through the ceremony. Mitch and Neely said their own vows to each other and then when they were pronounced husband and wife, he kissed the bride. The Captain now introduced the newly married couple to the guest of the wedding as Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Buchannon. The honeymoon was nice and the couple got to know each other.

    Recurring Cast
    Jerry L. Croft as himself

    Guest Starting
    Don Diamont as Gavin
    Heather Stephens as Leslie Stryker / Clair Hodges
    Billy Hygate as himself
    Ron Sterk as Ron