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  • Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker
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  • Nancy Valen as Samantha
  • Alexandra Paul as Stephanie
  • Season Nine

    1 > Crash 1 9th Season Premiere 
    episode # 178    air date: 9/21/1998

    Mitch (David Hasselhoff) and Neely (Jennifer Lynn Campbell) realize that they are not officially married as Craig (Parker Stevenson) pointed out that it is a little known fact that the Captain of a ship cannot legally marry couple. They try to schedule a day to officially tie the knot. ‘The Sand and Sea Club’ has a new Manager and they are cutting down on the expenses. After several incidences, Neely complains about the job to Mitch, but he points out that there were advantages to the job like daycare, so she could actually bring Ashley to work with her. She plotted and pressured Mitch into letting her come back to Baywatch. One night when he came home, the baby was sleep and Neely was preparing dinner. She worked up to the fact that she was sorry that she had pressured him into allowing her come back to Baywatch. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to come back. Mitch felt a bit guilty and to make things even worse, she told Mitch that she had it all worked out so that they could officially tie the knot whenever they wanted. Mitch thought that Management at the ‘Sand and Sea Club’ had a change of heart. But she told him that she had quit. And did he know anyone who could use a good Lifeguard. Mitch allowed her to come back, despite warnings from Craig.

    April (Kelly Packard) and Cody (David Chokachi) are scheduled to be on the same plane to New York. April is in the first class section. She has a interview with Calvin Klein. And Cody in coach who was on his way to visit Lani McKenzie (Carmen Electra). After trying to get into the first class section with April and failing, Cody is led to his seat in coach by the flight attendant named Barb. He realizes that it isn’t his seat as indicated on his ticket. Barb needed him to accompany a little boy named Tyler, who was traveling alone.

    In first class, April is treated to a glass of orange juice in a fancy glass by her flight attendant, Paul. She got to meet a super action movie star named Hans. A pregnant woman who had the seat next to April was named Francine. April offered Francine her seat on the isle because she was pretty far along in her pregnancy.

    The Captain welcomes them on the flight and tells them the route would be 5 hours and 15 minutes and they would be traveling up about 37,000 feet. He cautioned them about the storm that will be causing a bumpy takeoff. The plane takes off and is soon on its way. Going through the storm causes an extremely bumpy takeoff. The ride was as well. A little too close for comfort. Passengers began to panic and the Pilot and Co-pilot realizes that they are not going to make it. They prepare for impact. The wing touched down into the ocean and the nose went in first. The nose containing first class was separated from the back end of the plane. It kept moving along the ocean’s surface and was soon nowhere in the vicinity of the other half.

    Barb needed Cody’s help with the passengers. Soon the passengers were in their Lifejackets and rafts were inflated immediately in the water. Cody suited Tyler up in his Lifejacket. Tyler was scared and did not want to leave Cody. Cody took his glasses off and held them for him. He told him that he would be right behind him so he wanted him to close his eyes and jump. Suddenly the plane jerk badly throwing Cody and Barb onto the plane’s floor and Tyler out of the plane. They both jumped in to see if they could locate him. Cody continued the search, while Barb remained with the passengers. When he came back in a fruitless search, Barb told him that the front end of the plane was missing. All Cody could think of was April in first class. He wanted to find it, but Barb told him that first class was gone. It was destroyed in the impact. Cody didn’t want to believe it and went under to try to locate it. While Cody went to find it Barb saw a dorsal fin coming straight for them. Shark! She cried. Passengers panicked and tried to climb on anything to get out of the way. Cody resurfaced in time to see the shark and managed to kick it with enough force to make it go into another direction. He helped an injured man toward the other passengers and into a raft.

    April had her own problems as she checked on Francine first. She felt her pulse and noted that Francine was coming to as she call her name. She asked her if she was O.K. Once she felt that Francine was all right, she checked on Hans. He said that he was O.K. When he asked where they were, she told him that they were still above water and that she was going to find a way out. She finds that Paul was pinned in. Hans helps to try in getting him out, but it was of no use. The flight cabin door was locked from the inside. Hans helped her in getting it opened. She slipped inside. But she came out as quickly. She told them that they were dead and it was completely collapsed. Hans kept whining that they were all going to die. April realizes that the galley was caved in as well. April asked Paul about a flashlight and he pointed telling her where it was located. Francine begins to have contractions. April went over to calm her down after she had the flashlight. She told Francine to take deep breaths, but not to push.

    Barb finds a flaregun and sends a signal into the sky hoping that they would be rescued. They turned in time to see their section of the plane sink into the ocean. Barb exclaimed, ‘Oh my God!’ After it was underwater, the passengers stared in silence in the darkness.

    Recurring Cast
    Jennifer Lynn Campbell as Neely Capshaw-Buchannon
    Chris Fiore as Chris
    Parker Stevenson as Craig Pomeroy

    Guest Starting
    Bobby Edner as Tyler
    Brent Miller as Pilot
    Karen Mistal as Barbara
    Keith Neubert as Peter Andrews
    Sam Temeles as Paul
    Sven-Ole Thorsen as Hans Ulpan
    Amber Van Lent as Francine
    Jodi Verdu as Woman #1


    2 > Crash 2
    episode # 179    air date: 9/28/1998

    Mitch is sleeping on the couch. The phone’s ring awakens him. He answers it and when he gets urgent news, he screams for Neely. Baywatch Lifeguards and the Coast Guard are soon on the way. The Coast Guard’s helicopter is overhead.

    With encouragement from April, Hans gets the confidence to lift and Paul is free of the wreckage. Suddenly the section grows unstable and sinks deep into the ocean. Above, the Lifeguard and Coast Guard teams are approaching the victims. Coast Guard 6525, hovering above informed Baywatch that they were over the crash site and that there were survivors. The debris was scattered over a half-mile area. 33 degrees, 15 Minutes North…118 degrees, 30 Minutes West. Baywatch 201 responded, stating that they will arrive on the scene. They would begin recovering the survivors.

    April tells the others that they were in an air pocket. She starts to hand out floatable cushions and told them to take one and that it will keep them up. April told them that they knew that they sank and that they would and get them.

    Coast Guard 6525 contacted Baywatch 201 and said that they spotted what looks like the main section of the aircraft 40 yards off the starboard side. Mitch sees Cody and is both surprised and relieved that he is O.K. Cody told Mitch that he had a broken rib, but should be O.K. Mitch tried to extend his hand to him to get him to safety for medical treatment, but Cody told Mitch that he had to find the kid that he was sitting with. Mitch then asked Cody if he had seen April. Cody said no, that she was in first class. After they boarded, he never saw her again. He swam off to find Tyler.

    Mitch pulled up to a Windjet. He informed Newmy, J.D. and Craig that he had found Cody. Craig asked about April. Mitch told him that she was in the first class section. Barnett, who was also on the boat, told them that first class went straight to the bottom. It broke off on impact and he couldn’t find it. The Coast Guard moves in to pick up the victims. The helicopter zooms overhead. Coast Guard 6525 sees more wreckage on the bottom 500 yards due west of their position. Craig told him that they would check it out. The Baywatch Lifeguards steer the victims toward the Coast Guard’s small boats and the Coast Guard pulls them to safety and gives medical treatment. Craig told Mitch that the Coast Guard spotted a wreckage 500 yards due west.

    Craig told Mitch and the team that the ID was probably the first class section. He also said that there are probably survivors and that he was going down. Craig and Newmy dived and made their way toward the front end of the plane. On the Coast Guard’s small boat, Cody is looking for Tyler. He figured that he could be one of the survivors on the list. He told the Coast Guard that he didn’t know Tyler’s last name. He gave the description of the boy when she needed to know what he looked like. She assured Cody that he was safe. They hadn’t accounted for everyone yet. They never expected this many survivors andtold Cody that he was looking at a miracle.

    Newmy and Craig continued their search. They finally see the section and swims toward it. Newmy looks into a window and signals to Craig. Craig signals back. Newmy swims off. Inside, Francine is crying in pain. April tried to calm her. She told Francine not to push. Francine nodded in pain. April hears a knock on the window. Craig started to give April hand signals. April nodded at every signal. Paul asked what he was saying. April told them that he was saying that he knows that they were there and he was coming back. Craig then swam away.

    Craig got his gear off and told Mitch that they had a few survivors trapped in an air pocket. One of them was April. Newmy said that he didn’t know how much longer they would survive the way the fusel lodge was sitting on the bottom. They were sealed in. Craig suggested that they blow a hole in the fusel lodge. Newmy reasoned that the concussion would kill everyone inside. Mitch said not if they flooded the compartment. Newmy then reasoned that they would all drown. Craig was willing to hear his better idea if he had one. Newmy didn’t, so he had no choice to go along with theirs. They would get the explosives from the Coast Guard.

    Baywatch contacted the Coast Guard Point Bridge and told them that they would need underwater explosives. Baywatch asked Point Bridge if they had any on board. Point Bridge told Baywatch, negative, but they would arrange to get them. Coast Guard 6525 said that they would pick them up when they refuel.

    April asks Francine if her contractions have stopped. When there was no answer, April yelled, ‘Francine?’ Francine told her that she was fine. She was struggling hard to stay conscious. April told her that she had to hang on a little longer. She thanked April for switching seats with her, that it was really sweet of her. April told her sternly not to give up on them or her baby! Just then, Paul was having problems with his leg. April went over to see to him. While helping Paul, Francine slips under water. April turns in time to see that she was gone. She goes under to get her. April and Paul keep her afloat. April holds her head close to Francine’s and caresses the young woman’s head.

    Sheryl is bandaging Cody’s ribs. Cody sniffs and asked what that smell was. The Coast Guard told him that it was jet fuel and that it was leaking up from the tanks. She also told him that it was a pretty nasty spill warning out there but it was fortunate that it evaporates quickly. When she started to walk away, Cody grabbed her and asked if all of the passengers are accounted for. She told Cody that she would let him know when they found him.

    The Coast Guard helicopter is over the Scarab. 6525 told Baywatch that they were ready to lower the explosives and to stand by to receive the basket. The explosives were loaded on a basket. Mitch took a hook to grab it and Newmy took it. They both lowered it to the Scarab’s floor. After the line was separated from the basket, the line and hook was sent back up.

    Francine is hanging on with the contractions. Hans asked April what happened to her friends. April told him that they would be back and get them out. The water was rising and the team was soon setting up the explosives on the door. One of the Lifeguards knocked on the window. He held up a sign. DOOR BOOM. April explained what it meant when questioned about the sign. She explained that they would have to blow a hole in the craft to make a doorway out.

    Then he held up another sign. READY FLOOD. She said that they were going to fill the compartment with water to set up the explosives. Hans asked how were they supposed to breathe. April then remembered the oxygen masks. They were supposed to come down and they never did. Paul told her that they were still in the overhead compartments. April Hans with her to retrieve them.

    The timing device was placed on the outside of the compartment. April and Hans found the overhead compartments and April tested one of the masks. She shook her head to indicate that the mask did not work. When they resurfaced, April told Paul that they didn’t work. Paul said that they must have been destroyed in the crash. April remembered that they must have oxygen on board. Paul confirmed this by saying that there is always oxygen on board in case someone has a heart attack. Hans asked where it was. Paul pointed to the spot that it was around there somewhere. April submerged to find it.

    The team gave hand signals and was ready. Another sign was held up to the window. STAND BACK. April was still looking for it. She soon resurfaced with the oxygen and told everyone to breathe into the mask. Hans tried to grab it first, but Paul took it away from him and placed it over Francine’s face first. Newmy used a knife to stab a hole in the plane’s surface. Water began to flood in through the opening.

    Hand signals were given to April. April informed the group that they were ready to blow. She would count to three and then they were to go under. Just as they submerged, the explosives went off. The hole was blown open and Newmy came through. He asked if everyone was O.K. April told him yeah and to take Paul first because he was hurt. Newmy agreed and placed the oxygen over Paul’s mouth. He asked Paul if he was ready and Paul nodded. After Newmy’s count of three, they went under. April placed the oxygen mask over Francine’s face.

    Newmy and Paul made their way through the opening. April helped to keep Francine calm. When Craig surfaced, April told him to take Hans. Newmy and Paul surfaced and Newmy asked Paul if he was O.K. Paul said that he was. Newmy swam him to safety for treatment.

    Mitch made it through the compartment. He asked them both if they were O.K. April said yeah, but to put Francine on the oxygen. April and Mitch could buddy-breathe. Mitch agreed and gave the oxygen to Francine and April took Mitch’s. They went down on three and through the hole. April gave the oxygen to Mitch and helped Francine through the hole. Mitch was right behind them.

    Craig and Hans resurfaced. Hans was still panicking, waving his arms frantically. He kept screaming, ‘Get me out of here! Get me out of here!’ Craig tried to calm him down. He swam Hans to an awaiting boat.

    Mitch and April surfaced with Francine. April told Mitch that she had been in labor since they went down. They had to get her to a hospital. Craig and Newmy pulled Francine aboard the Scarab. Mitch ordered someone to get a helicopter with a litter right away! The Coast Guard was above. A crewman was lowered onto the Scarab. He manned the line to the litter. Francine was eased onto it.

    Meanwhile, on a raft with passengers, a plane part floats toward it as Francine was hoisted upward toward the helicopter. The part’s sharp edge punctures the raft. Everyone panics and Neely is maneuvering over on a Waverunner. She jumps in and swims out to the survivors. Cody made his way toward Neely and jumped in. He swam out to a victim and helped her toward a raft. He then swam toward Neely, who was swimming a survivor in. Cody took the victim from her. The man is taken to the raft and pulled to safety. Neely swims backward and hits her head against the plane part.

    She was now unconscious and soon her weight causes the part to sink, taking her with it. Her arm gets caught in seaweed. Soon Cody looks around and doesn’t see her anywhere. He spots Mitch on a Waverunner .and tells him that he couldn’t find Neely. He had taken a victim from her and when he turned around, she was gone. Mitch jumped into the water. He looks for her into the darkness. Out of air, he comes back up. He dives again to find her. He locates Neely and makes his way over rather quickly. He frees her and pulls her along by the arm. After they surface, Mitch swims her over toward the scarab. Mitch tells them that she is not breathing. They reached down to pull Neely up onto the boat. Mitch, Newmy, Craig and Cody were around her unconscious body.

    Craig asked how long she had been under. Cody said at least a couple of minutes. There was no pulse, so Mitch ordered them to begin CPR. Mitch gave her mouth to mouth and Craig did chest compressions. Mitch asked where the afib was. Newmy had it and opened it to get started to charge.

    The afibulator was ready and Newmy told everyone to clear the victim. He was shocking. They all yelled CLEAR. They cleared themselves from the victim to avoid getting shocked as well. He gave her the first shock. Mitch placed his face in position to see if she was breathing and placed his fingers on the artery between her neck and chin to see if she had a pulse. Still no pulse! Newmy was giving her the second shock. Everyone cleared. Mitch checked her breathing and pulse again. Third shock. Everyone stood clear. Still no pulse! Newmy gave her another one at 360. Everyone stood clear. The team looked on in silence. Mitch placed his head and fingers in position again and then smiled in relief. She had a pulse! They all looked relieved. Mitch brought his face close to hers and held it there.

    Later at the hospital, Cody kept asking about Tyler. The nurse had already told him that they had no record of him being admitted. Barb led him away from the desk. Cody figured that the shark was the reason why Tyler wasn’t found. Barb told him that he didn’t know that. He asked if it wasn’t the reason, why couldn’t he find Tyler?

    She told Cody that he wasn’t responsible for Tyler, she was. He didn’t lose Tyler. He helped save maybe a hundred lives. It was because he never thought about saving himself. He should be proud of that.

    Someone called for April Giminski. She made her way toward the nurse. The nurse then led April down the hall to Francine’s room. When April saw Francine with her newborn baby, she smiled. Francine wanted her to meet the baby girl. Francine told April that she wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for her. ‘Thank you, April. God Bless you.’ April asked if she decided on a name. Was it Sydney or Sharon? She asked her what the other choices were. Francine told her that the baby’s name was April. April’s eyes welled up with tears.

    Craig asked how Neely was doing. Mitch told him that she was fine and that he took her home this morning. Craig gave him some advice. He told him to go home and talk to Neely and .work it out. Craig has never seen Mitch happier with anyone as he was with Neely. It showed him that maybe there’s something worth saving.

    When he got home, he found Neely packing up her and Ashley’s things. She stopped what she was doing and then they stared at each other for a moment in silence. Neely explained that no matter what she says or does, She would never be able to regain his trust. Just cut their losses. It was best that they leave before things got too messy. She had the key to Lani’s (Carmen Electra) apartment. They can stay there while Lani was in New York. Mitch asked about Ashley. Neely told Mitch that she is sure that Peter will try to get custody. Hopefully she can get a good lawyer and stop him. Mitch told her that Ashley needed a Father. Neely just told Mitch that they would be fine. She would give them a minute to say goodbye.

    Mitch sat down next to Ashley. He told her that she was going to have a new Daddy. He wanted her to be real nice to him. He was sure her new Daddy would love him as much as he did. And she would always have Uncle Mitch if she ever needed anything. He kissed the top of her little head. Neely sat down with the baby situated between them. She told Mitch that she knows how he must feel betrayed. He would never believe a word she said but she was sorry for being such a fool. Neely told Mitch that she loved him and she always will. She will regret what she did for the rest of her life. They both had tears in their eyes. She said goodbye before taking Ashley with her. Her lips brushed his. He had tears in his eyes as she left.

    On duty, Cody held Tyler’s glasses. Barb walks toward him wearing a smile. She then walked partially up the ramp so that he could see her. He grumbled, asking her how she was doing. She said that she was good. In turn she asked how he was. Cody was miserable and told Barb that he was hanging in there. Cody then asked Barb if she was still thinking about seeing Tyler’s parents. Barb told him that she already saw them. Cody told her that he wanted to give them his glasses. Barb told Cody, why don’t they just give them back to Tyler. Cody was stunned. Barb pointed to the little boy running around by the shoreline. When the boy saw him, he ran toward Cody. Cody lifted Tyler up into his arms. He asked what happened to him and where he was. He then lowered the boy. Barb explained that one of the other flight attendants found him. Cody was confused and asked why he wasn’t on any of the survivor lists. Tyler told Cody that Tyler wasn’t his real name. He just like for people to call him that and that his real name was Clarence. Cody said that he could see why he wanted to be called something else. Tyler asked if he could have his glasses now. Cody told the boy that he could have anything he wanted. After Tyler got them on, Cody told him to ‘come here’ and he then pulled the boy close and hugged him tightly.

    Mitch and Craig are walking toward Headquarters. Craig asked Mitch if Neely told him what her plans were. Mitch told Craig no, and that he hopes that she straightens her life out. Just then a uniformed Neely came out of the door and down the stairs. She stops before Mitch. She said hello twice. Mitch seemed stunned and asked what she was doing there. Neely told him that she worked there. Mitch told her that he didn’t think so. Neely told Mitch that he’d better talk to the Chief then because she had already told her that she wouldn’t accept a transfer. Just because their relationship is over, didn’t mean that she loses her job. She worked her butt off to get back there and she wasn’t leaving under any circumstances. She walked down the stairs and onto the beach to her assigned tower. Mitch and Craig watched in shock. Mitch told Craig that she wasn’t going to get away with it. Craig told him that she already has. Mitch said that it is going to be a long hot summer. As Neely continued to make her way down the beach, she looked back at Mitch and smiled.

    Recurring Cast
    Jennifer Lynn Campbell as Neely Capshaw-Buchannon
    Parker Stevenson as Craig Pomeroy
    Ingrid Walters as Sheryl Whalen
    Chris Fiore as Chris
    Gregory J. Barnett as Jim Barnett

    Guest Starting
    Bobby Edner as Tyler
    Karen Mistal as Barbara
    Keith Neubert as Peter Andrews
    Sam Temeles as Paul
    Sven-Ole Thorsen as Hans Ulpan
    Amber Van Lent as Francine

    3 > Sharks, Lies and Video Tape
    episode # 180    air date: 10/5/1998

    Cody keeps his eye on a speeding boat with a parasailer. Mitch pulls up in his Lifeguard truck and greets Cody. Mitch notices a man and woman approaching all of the attractive women on the beach. Cody hands him a card and tells him that it is Paolo Tomali, looking for the next ‘Miss Hot Tomali.’ Just then a near miss with a bouy from the driver of the boat sends the parasailer into the water near the ‘Sand and Sea Club.’ By the time Mitch and Cody get to the shoreline, ‘Bayguard Lifesaving Services’ have the situation under control, saving the victim. After the rescue, Mitch is introduced to Alexis Ryker, Captain of ‘Bayguard.’ She reminds Mitch that Baywatch’s contract with the County will soon be up and that ‘Bayguard’ will be competing against them for the county contract. Mitch isn’t worried because they had the contract for years.

    Paolo spends a great amount of time in front of Bridget’s tower. She becomes annoyed and tells them that they cannot stand blocking the tower. He hands her his card.

    He meets with Chief Johnson to find Alex there too. She had been pitching her services. The Chief told Mitch that Bayguard was pretty impressive. Alex revealed a tape that was run and appeared to show his Lifeguards goofing off. Mitch thinks that it is a smear campaign and taken totally out of context. Alex told him that if the county thought that if they were the best for the job so be it, but she thought that the public should have a choice of service. the Chief told Alex that she would submit her tape for the County Board to consider.

    Mitch calls a meeting about the tape, telling them that they all heard about the rumors about Bayguard. The County was considering Bayguard’s proposal. After showing the tape to everyone’s surprise, Mitch told them if they didn’t get their act together by Friday, they would all be out of a job.

    Later Bridget questions April about Paolo. April told her that he was one of the biggest designers of swimwear. She wants to show him her designs and convinces Bridget to wear one of her suits while going to the open call for models.

    Bayguard get rough. After calling for backup, April goes out after seeing that a man is having a heart attack she is stopped by Bayguard. They step on the cord of her rescue can and their people get to the scene. Mitch confront Alex about the incident. Mitch later finds out after April points the man who stops her that he was talking to someone in a truck and gives him an envelope full of money. theman receiving the payoff is wearing a hat that says ‘stunts.’ Mitch reviews the tape again and realizes that the parasailer ‘rescued’ by Bayguard earlier is the stuntman. Mitch realizes the fact that Bayguard is staging accidents with professional stuntpeople so that it can look like they are an efficient Service.

    Cody talks with two of Bayguard’s men to make them think that he is interested in joining their team. Mitch appears and the two of them have a confrontation. Cody quits and joins Alex’s team. Cody is introduced to the Ceif as her new Lieutenant. Alex moves in fast giing the ideas about marketing and bringing in more money for the County. Later when it appears that everyone is gone, Cody approaches the Bayguard truck and once inside, he calls Mitch on his cell phone. He boots up the lap top computer, reading off the information. Mitch was right. Most of Alex’s Lifeguards are on short term contracts which will run out any day now, and she will be left with few members to service her team. That is why she is so deperate to recruit Baywatch lifeguards. Cody is then caught. When Mitch confronts her about the staged recues, she denies it.

    April tells them about a little boy who was missing. Moth try to find him and Alex is disappointed to find that her staff can’t find him. they are forced to work together. A little girl tell them where she has seen him…by the storm drain canal opening. Mitch goes through it and tell Alex to get backup. She is stubborn because she wants to do the rescue herself. As a result, she falls into the whirlpool. Mitch has to rescue her and he purposely gets sucked in as well. They find the boy. April finds Alex’s jacket and badge while J.D. goes for backup. April finds them and lowers the cord of her rescue can down so that they can grab onto the harness to be pulled to safety.

    Mitch learns later that the proposal from Bayguard had been withdrawn. Alex had resigned and the Chief hired her as Baywatch’s new administrative consultant since Mitch’s administrative abilities were weak.

    Recurring Cast
    Erin Gray as Chief Monica Johnson
    Marci Brickhouse as Bridget
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Rick Cramer as Arnold


    4 > Dolphin Quest
    episode # 181    air date: 10/12/1998

    Mitch and Cody demonstrates skills to a children’s class while Alex’s Nephew Timmy Grayson looks on. Timmy is a 10 year old who is mildly autistic and will not speak. Valerie, Timmy’s Mom is planning on taking him to Hawaii so that he can visit Dolphin’s Quest, an organization that give children the experience to swim with dolphins.

    Mitch sees that he has lost attention in the class by wandering away. Mitch goes over and talks to him for a while. He shows him how to make his footprints in the sand disappear. Timmy watches as Mitch does it and then when he tries it, he screams because of the water that take his footprints disappear.

    Valerie can’t make the Hawaiian trip because her boss gave her big assignment at the last second. Instead of disappointing Timmy, Alex offers to go in her place. Cody goes with them because of an outrigger race. In Hawaii and once in the hotel lobby of the Hilton Waikoloa timmy goes over to the statue of two dolphins.

    When they arrive at the Dolphin Lagoon a while later, Alex tries to coax him into the water to swim with the pregnant Dolphin but Timmy is afraid to go in. Cody and Alex watch the other children and talk while Timmy wanders off. They note that he is gone and find him talking with a local artist, drawing pictures of dolphins. He lets Timmy draw on the back of his sketch and lets the boy have the painting.

    Cody finds out that the outrigger race has been cancelled when he meets Lani’s sister, Kali McKenzie, who is a Lifeguard. She offers Cody a tour of the island in her two-man kayak. They see a boy fall into the water from the rocks above and set out to rescue him. When Cody gets back, Alex confronts him for leaving her alone with Timmy. She needed his help in taking care of him. Timmy wanders off again. At the beach, he sees a little girl hit on the head by a surfboard. He goes out to help her. He remembers what he saw in the class that Mitch taught and gives her mouth to mouth. Cody and Alex arrive to help finish with CPR.

    Later Cody and Kali say goodbye. While Timmy and Alex feed the dolphins, a trainer tells them that the mother is going to give birth. They all put on goggles to see the event. After the baby ha been born it swims clse to it’s Mother. The Mother dolphin nuzzles Timmy and he says, ‘Mama.’ When they return home and his Mom retrieves him, Timmy shows the sketch that the artist Wyland gave him. He says the word ‘Mama’ as he points to the Mommy dolphin. His Mother Valerie was touched and held him close.

    Guest Starting
    Miko Hughes as Timmy Grayson
    Rebecca Manley as Kali McKenzie
    Maria Cina as Valerie Grayson
    Jeffrey Barnett as Boy #1


    5 > The Natural
    episode # 182    air date: 10/19/1998

    A surfer has a serious wipeout and someone who saw it came to his rescue swimming him in and giving CPR. By the time J.D. repsonded to the call, the mysterious person was gone. The tracks in the sand was the only evidence of the surfer being saved. J.D. tells of the rescue. Mitch arrives and starts to call a meeting but Alex catches him before he can get started. She want to prove herself with a tower assignment. During the meeting, Alex announces that she has hired a maintenance manager, Jessica Owens. Everyone calls her Jessie. Mitch asked her where she managed to find the money in the budget for a new staff person. It was one of the many things that she is able to do. Jessie was now responsible for the cleaning and laundry.

    Ed Symes was back to irritate Mitch even more. Ed offers Mitch free medical supplies if he will let him ride in the Call Car. He sees Alex when she is calling Mitch and asks who the new babe is. Mitch starts to tell Ed that he didn’t want to mess with her, but stopped short and smiled devilishly. He was going to use Ed to get even with Alex. Mitch agrees to Ed’s terms and invites Alex to join them in the Call Car. Ed kept trying to put moves on her. After a run to Tower 8 to help a surfer who had broken his arm, Ed wants to try one of his company’s slings on him. Mitch suggested testing it on Alex. Alex gets wrapped up in the sprints since Ed didn’t know what he was doing.

    Jessie has a lot of mishaps with her work. While cleaning the floors, Cody slips and falls because she did not put the ‘caution’ sign on the floor and shrunken jackets and swimsuits (as if you can actually believe that a lycra swimsuit can shrink).

    The Lifeguards complain about this. Jessie helps a little girl who had been pushed off the rocks by a wave. By the time the Call Car got there, she was gone. Alex noted the marks on her arms made by the rocks. The little girl said that a girl rescued her after Mitch asked if she swam in by herself.

    After the rescue, Jessie returns to Headquarters to clean the showers. She imagines that they share a romantic kiss in the showers. After she is jolted back to reality, she asks if he needed anything. Loading Jessie loaded the washing machine with towels J.D. asked her about her reel, and Jessie told him that she was to meet with a stunt co-ordinator in a half hour. It could be her big break. J.D. told her to go ahead to the meeting. She asks him to put the towels in the dryer after they finished washing-that it was already pre-set. She didn’t notice what she was doing and a big bottle of detergent was thrown in with the wash. After she leaves, the washing machine begins to rock and spurt bubbles and suds from the lid and onto the floor. It is noted that the suds are making their was into the hall from the opening at the bottom of the door.

    After a call recieved from Sheryl that a man might be having a heart attack which turned out to be a cramping arm, Ed rushes over with an afibulation and Mitch tries to stop him, taking the jolt instead. After he regains conciousness he wants to get Ed! Alex and Mitch decide to get even with Ed by asking him to demo the big item which was an immobilizer. They get him in nice and tight and leaves him there.

    Soap bubbles pop up everywhere. Mitch tell her to have a talk with Jessie. Alex knew what she had to do. After getting fired, Jessie reaches to shake Alex’s hand and it was obvious as to who the Phantom Lifeguard was. Jessie goes home and spots a sinking pledge up to his chest in the sand going under that two frat brothers buried there. They had tried to get him out of the sinkhole with no success. She sees another biker and tells him to call 911. She helps and tells one of them to get the tube from her bike chain and when he returns with it, she inserts it in his mouth so that he could breathe through it. Help arrives and the team gets him out.

    Jessie is invited to join Rookie School. And as for Ed, he manages to get up and waddle across the beach to find them. He is complaining about the tough time he’s had. They try to ignore him and leave with him waddling behind them.

    Recurring Cast
    Jeff Altman as Ed Symes
    Marci Brickhouse as Bridget
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Teri Austin as Mom
    Ryan Browning as Fraternity Guy #1
    Sean Graham (III) as Fraternity Guy #2
    Richard Gross as Jogger
    Kerr Smith as Sean
    Ingrid Walters as Sheryl Whalen


    6 > Drop Zone
    episode # 183    air date: 10/26/1998

    Jesse and Alex walk by a group of convicts that are working on the beach. Alex notices Jesse staring at the convicts. She asked if something was wrong and explains that they are used for detail to clean the beach. April is on duty and a vacationing couple, Vic and Sherri situate themselves in front of her tower. Sherri starts to paint while Vic goes off to swim. April warns Vic about the surf, but Vic insists that he is a good swimmer and hands her his hotel key for safe keeping. Vic is now in danger and April goes out to save him. Before she does, she tell Sherri to go to her tower and take the phone off the hook. She gets him but has a hard time bringing him in. Almost through the roughness of the waves, she loses Vic and tries to find him with no success. She emerges from the water and wants to go back in to help, but Mitch sees what state she is in and refuses to let her. At Headquarters, April was sitting in the showers crying. Alex hears her and sits down beside her to offer comfort. Sherri becomes hysterical and can’t come to the reality that Vic might be lost. It getting dark now and Mitch tells Sherri that they will keep searching in the morning.

    Mitch takes the woman back to her hotel room. Sherri is sure that Vic will return when she discovers to her disappointment that he did not appear in the room. She confides to Mitch that this was their big night and that she was going to surprise her husband and tell him that she was pregnant. The next morning, Mitch continues with the search and Alex couldn’t understand why. She told him that he was getting too involved. Mitch told her that he promised that he’s continue with the search and that he knew what her was doing.

    Two of the convicts Deke and Garcia plot to escape. One of them feigns a stomachache and the two make their escape after overtaking the guard. Other guards pursue the criminals. The two convicts escape by diving off the pier and swimming underwater. Jessie later arrives at a Lifeguard tower to clean and sees blood and that the lock is broken. She looks inside to find Deke, who had dumped his prison jumpsuit. Jesse used to date him and he told her that he couldn’t stop thinking about her. He wanted her to come with him to Mexico. She reminisces about her former bad girl days with Deke and how she was arrested as a minor. Jessie told Deke that she will meet him on the rock by morning.

    Still with a rescue search in effect, Alex tell Mitch that it should have been a recovery operation. It has now been three days and Alex tells him that he is not helping her, he is preventing her from accepting the fact that Vic is dead. Deke’s partner is captured. He was found hanging on to a bouy. At Headquarters, news arrived that Vic’s body was found. April sees Sherri on deck and goes out to talk to her. Sherri starts hitting April, blaming her for her husband’s death. Mitch see this and comforts Sherri, pulling April close as well.

    Jesse meets Vic on the rocks as scheduled and they take off on a Waverunner. Jesse tells him that she was not going with him. She found something better to do with her life and was not going to ruin it. He sees the Coast Guard coming at them and that Jesse has turned him in. He throws her off the Waverunner and takes off until he comes to the cliff and tries to climb to escape. Tiring, he soon realizes that it is very steep as he gets higher. He cries for help. The Coast Guard’s helicopter lowers a man to strap him up and so that they can be airlifted up. Once they were securely in the helicopter, they reported that the convict would be dropped off at the authorities. Later, she confronts Mitch and Alex about her past and they were glad that she did as they already knew about her past. Jessie figured that it was the end of Rookie School. Mitch informed her that what was important was that she continued on as a Baywatch Lifeguard, not about what she did in the past as a minor.

    Recurring Cast
    Scott Gurney as Deke
    Ingrid Walters as Sheryl Whalen
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Maya McLaughlin as Sherri
    Darren Gray Ward as Vic
    Dave Keffer as Garcia
    J.T. Pontino as Security Guard


    7 > Hot Summer Night
    episode # 184    air date: 11/2/1998

    A group of teens are at the pier near a boat looking for a good time. Although they are drinking beer they plan on a boat ride. Brad, whose father owns the boat is trying to make unwanted advances toward a girl named Josie. She keeps avoiding him. One of the kids spots Hobie. He waves and runs toward them. Josie seemed very happy to see him and makes her way in that direction.

    Brad sees this and displays a jealous expression. Hobie notes the beer bottle in Josie’s hand and warned her to go easy on the stuff because they had training the next morning. She told him that she only had a couple. Josie wanted to make it to Rookie School. It meant too much to her to ruin a shot at it.

    While Hobie talks to one of the guys about his planned sports career for when he goes off to college after graduation, Brad comes over and deliberately spills beer on him. Hobie takes the jacket off, which got the brunt of the brew. They all wanted to go out for a ride in the boat. Since Brad was driving, Hobie told him that he had been drinking. It would be a good idea if he would do the driving. He had been driving a boat all day at work. Brad, still jealous wanted to drive and ranted on how it was his Dad’s boat. It got them there and it would get them back. Hobie held his ground and everyone agreed that he should drive.

    While out on the boat, Josie snuggled under Hobie while Brad still looked on with jealousy. Hobie put his free arm around her. Josie wanted to go faster so she just suddenly pulled the throttle. There was no time to react. It just took two seconds for them to go off center and flip over. This cause all of them to get tossed from the boat. Since they had been drinking, it made it hard for them to swim. Hobie was all right since he had not consumed any alcoholic beverages. He immediately started rescuing the others. He got three of the boys up to the surface and told them to hold onto the boat.

    The accident had been reported and soon Jessie and April answered the call. April asked if everyone was O.K. Hobie told her that there were more people under. She jumped in and began to help, resurfacing with one of the girls. Hobie found Josie.

    When they got back to land and the ambulance and police appeared, Brad and Hobie seemed to be the only ones without injuries. A cop asked Hobie questions as to whose boat it was, who was driving and was he drinking. Brad told the officer that it was his Dad’s boat and that he was going to kill him. Hobie said that he was driving and that he had not been drinking. The officer smelled alcohol, but Hobie said that one of the guys spilled on him. When he tried to get Brad to verify his story, the jealous teen just sat there in silence. Hobie had to be taken into custody to be given an alcohol test. He was not even allowed to see Josie being carried on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance. Hobie was handcuffed and forced into the police car.

    Hobie was brought into the visitor’s room. After being uncuffed, he sat with his head lowered. He had to place his hands on the table. Mitch, who stood in the darkness asked if he was all right. Hobie assured him that he was. Mitch then asked Hobie if he had been drinking. Hobie told his father no. With that he asked Hobie what happened. Hobie explained and when he got to the part where Josie wanted to go faster, Mitch just blew up before his son could finish. He couldn’t believe that he do some stupid stunt just to impress a girl. Hobie told him no. He admitted than that it was Josie who pulled the throttle. Mitch told him that he was covering for her with tears starting to fill his eyes. Hobie told Mitch that Baywatch would never let her become a Lifeguard if they found out that she caused the accident.

    April came inside the room to give them the status of everything. Hobie’s bail was $300,000. Josie was hospitalized in a coma. If she dies, Hobie could face going to prison. When they took Hobie away, Mitch whined about getting him out of jail. Hobie had to stay in jail overnight because the blood tests wouldn’t be back until the next day.

    The next day, Jessie has switched assignments with Sheryl. Mitch told her to switch back. Sheryl was injured and he didn’t want her in a tower. Jessie looked at April. She offered to let her have her assignment…switchboard. Mitch who was a bit tense this morning told them that they would all have to take their own assignments.

    Jessie asked April how she dealt with the drowning that happened recently. April told her that she thought she had the victim and then next minute she lost him. April advised Jessie that she could only do her best.

    Later Mitch was on the phone trying to gather up the money that he needed to get his son out of jail. April came into his office and hands him a check for $25,000. It was her first royalty check from her designs to help make the bail. Mitch was very grateful and accepts. He used it as well as the deed on his house as collateral. Hobie stops at the hospital to see if Josie’s condition has improved. She is still in a coma. Josie’s father is also there along with Brad. They stop by Josie’s room and confronts Hobie. He tries to explain to the angry man, and tries to get Brad to tell what happened because he was there too. Josie had caused the accident. The man refused to believe that his daughter caused the accident and he asked Brad what happened. Brad made up a lie and said that Hobie was showy and was hot-dogging it to speed along and caused the accident. Hobie growls in disbelief and said that Brad was lying. He tried to get at Brad but Mitch had to restrain him. Josie’s father threatens Hobie with further action.

    The next day, Hobie shows up at work only to find out that he has to take a temporary ‘leave of absence’ until the matter is cleared up. He has discussed it with the Chief. Hobie left angrily, feeling alone.

    Jessie was shaking uncontrollably in her tower. She is afraid that something bad may happen to her as it did with April. She daydreams that people on the beach are drowning and calling her. They all resembled zombies. They pop out of the water, the sand, etc. and head toward her tower. To escape, she sought the safety of her tower, locking herself inside. They all press against the window. She scrunches down in a corner with her head resting on her folded arms to cry. She is found by April who awakens her. Jessie is unnerved by her daydream.

    She and April must go out to pick up a ‘ghost net.’ Two women dived into the water nearby and one gets caught into the net. The other swims back to the surface to get help. April jumps into the water but Jessie freezes. April needed the knife to cut the trapped victim out of the net. She yells out to Jessie to give her the knife. Jessie just whimpers. The woman finds it and hands it to her so that the rescue could be completed. Afterward Jessie states that she is quitting.

    Hobie tries to cool off the anger by going surfing. Brad and a friend taunt him and wouldn’t stop saying that he caused the accident. Hobie tries to walk away peacefully and states to Brad that he is a liar. Brad was angered by the remark. He and the other boy started a fight by attacking Hobie. Hobie defends himself against the two. Mitch sees this and breaks it up. He orders Brad and his buddy off the beach. Mitch tells Hobie about his immature behavior. He gives Hobie a warning that if he puts their lights out he could get fired. He goes on in a more softened tone telling his son how he put up their house up as collateral to bail him out of jail and about April’s $25,000 that helped. He had a lot of people believing in him. Mitch got a call from the hospital concerning Josie. She has come out of her coma, but her angry father and Brad were there and demanded why he came. Josie was happy to see Hobie and told her father that he was her friend.

    Hobie asked Josie to tell her father what really happened to cause the accident. She was confused and asked him if he had already told her Dad. Hobie told Josie that he did, but her father didn’t believe him but maybe he would believe her. Hobie went saying that Brad told her father that he caused the accident. Josie was shocked as to why would he lie about a serious incident like this. Brad tried to leave the room but Mitch held him forcibly so that he could be there when the matter got cleared up. Josie confessed to her father that she was the one who caused the accident. After the confession Brad was allowed to leave. Josie’s father had misjudged Hobie before really viewing all sides and apologized to him. Hobie readily accepted with no hard feelings and the two shook hands. He looked at Mitch who nodded with approval.

    Mitch tries to talk Jessie into staying. She states that she would give him an answer by the end of the day, but Mitch did not accept her resignation. She was to report to Headquarters early the next day.

    Later with everything back into place, Hobie who was now back on duty thanked Mitch and April for their help and for believing in him. Josie was standing several feet behind him. Mitch told him to turn around. He ran over to Josie to greet her. Mitch and April smiled when the two kissed.

    Recurring Cast
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Joel Farar as Randy
    Sherwin Frey as Driver
    Franc Luz as Josie’s father
    John Stevenson as Brad


    8 > Swept Away
    episode # 185    air date: 11/9/1998

    On duty, Mitch notices that a little boy named Tanner was sitting beneath his tower. The boy followed him around while he made his patrol on the beach imitating his actions. Alex called Mitch, telling him that she got a report concerning a missing boy. Mitch told her that he was there with him. Alex was on the way with the boy’s father Blake to pick him up.

    When they arrive, Blake is abusive with Tanner and told him to get his things. Mitch was told to mind his own business when he tried to interfere. When the little boy was taking too long to get his things, his father kicked him in the rear, causing him to fall to the sand. Mitch was appalled and Alex told him that there was nothing they could do about it. He could if he wanted to spank his child. Mitch pointed out that what that man did was not a spanking. They decided not to get involved with family disputes. Alex then pursues her lifelong dream of becoming a contestant on the game show, Jeopardy.

    The next day, Tanner is by Mitch’s tower again. He told Mitch that his Dad was in a rotten mood and that he has permission to be on the beach now. Mitch talked to Tanner about the Junior Lifeguard program. He’d have to get his Dad’s permission and signature on the slip. After taking Tanner home, which was a trailer park with theirs being a dirty dilapidated one in Venice. Blake was working on a car. Young Tanner told his father that he had to sign the permission slip. Blake looks at it for a minute and then sees Mitch standing there. Mitch explains all about the Junior Lifeguard program. Blake is furious about Mitch interfering with his son’s life. He crumbles the document up in his hand and throws it on the ground! Tanner picks it up and uncrumbles it. The boy is told to get into the house. He makes Mitch get out and leave them alone.

    Jessie confesses to Kristie that she likes J.D. They are interrupted when Alex’s disappointment from her Jeopardy audition is a total failure. Tanner shows up for Junior Lifeguard. Mitch is surprised when Tanner states that his Dad changed his mind this morning. He gave Mitch the slip. Mitch knew that something was wrong when he looked at the signature. Jessie asked Tanner to take his shirt off so that he would be able to go into the water comfortably. Tanner refused. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that something was wrong. He was hiding something serious.

    Later, while J.D. is taking a shower, Jessie decides to make a play for him. She steals his sweatpants to ‘return’ later. Tanner waits for Blake to pick him up. Tanner is convinced by Mitch to take the wet, cold T-shirt off and wear his jacket. Mitch helps him in the transition and is shocked by the bruises on Tanner’s back. Mitch waits with Tanner at Headquarters and has to take him home when Blake doesn’t show up. He is given something to eat. Mitch later finds out that Blake has been arrested on a DUI. Mitch is curious and asks Tanner about his father. Tanner told Mitch that his father drinks a lot, but it was because his potential career as a pro-baseball player was cut short by an injury.

    Jessie shows up at J.D. and Cody’s apartment. She wanted to return the pants that she put in her bag by ‘accident.’ He happily invited her in. After several clumsy mishaps, they soon give into the attraction that they have for each other.

    The next morning Mitch and Jessie take Tanner on the Junior Lifeguard bus for a trip to the Palos Verdes Tidal Pools. At Headquarters Alex learns that she has been chosen as a contestant on Jeopardy after all. The Junior Lifeguard bus swerves to avoid a collision and it plunges into Bologna Creek. It sinks.

    Alex, Newmy and J.D. are on patrol and receive the word about the accident. They respond to the call. As the bus goes down to the bottom, the crew keeps the kids alive in an air pocket. The bus is located due to some new equipment that Newmy uses. They dive to the bottom and open a hole in the bus to help Mitch and Jessie get everyone out to safety. They arrive at Headquarters just as Blake shows up angrily. When told that he gave permission for Tanner to attend-he signed the slip, Blake said that Tanner must have forged it. Blake threatens to sue the County and Tanner is seated in his truck. He then tells Mitch that he will never see Tanner ever again. Alex didn’t have time to call Social Services, so there was nothing they could do.

    Jessie helps Alex study for the show when they see a victim in the water. Alex saves him and it turns out to be Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy! She is really rattled because her chance of being on the show is now gone. The next day, Mitch goes to Tanner’s with a Social Services agent. But Blake had made good on his word that Mitch would never see Tanner again. The trailer is gone. Blake had moved on. Mitch thanked the woman for coming even though it was too late.

    Later Alex Trebek shows up at BW Headquarters with an assistant, who was carrying a bag. He thanked Alex for saving his life and told her that since it was against the rules that you could not know anyone who works for the show, she was no longer eligible to be a contestant. He knew that she would be disappointed so he brought her a supply of Jeopardy merchandise to her delight.

    Recurring Cast
    Cameron Finley as Tanner Sloan
    Randall England as Blake Sloan
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Alex Trebek as Himself
    Christopher Kaufman as Lifeguard
    Julia Schultz as Kristi


    9 > The Swimmer
    episode # 186    air date: 11/16/1998

    Jessie is talked into hiring former medical supply salesman, Ed Symes as her stunt trainer. He tries to teach her how to throw a punch. Mitch, who had just completed a swim shows up, witnesses her knocking Ed out.

    Mitch moves on to J.D.’s tower. Earlier J.D. and Cody had rescued a little girl and two policemen. The policemen tried to attempt a rescue, but their guns, hostlers, belts, shoes, and medal items weighed them down and they had to quickly be hustled out of their clothing. They were rescued in their underwear! A sight for a news telecast!

    J.D. tells Mitch that Cody was the real hero in the rescue. He kept the importance of his efforts in the background. J.D. said that he was just doing his job. He moves on to Cody’s tower to hear the story told his way. J.D. was the real hero in the rescue. He understated his importance in the rescue as well. Cody states that he was just doing his job. Mitch was a bit baffled by the versions told of the rescue and went back to the ocean to swim.

    Ed tries to teach Jessie a new stunt-a ‘shoot and fall,’ but he misses the mattress. Jessie, executed the stunt flawlessly. She fires Ed in fear that he might end up seriously injured.

    J.D. and Cody debate on whether to apply for the ‘Medal of Valor.’ But then They think about it and decide that Mitch and Newmy are real heroes because of their records and decide against it. At that time, Mitch rescues a dog that he had seen frantically paddling in the ocean. No one knows where the dog came from or why he was in the water. He leaves it with Jessie.

    Newmie is trying to impress a young woman named Carrie, who spends time by his tower. He does this by wearing a toupee. Mitch tries to talk him out of it with no success. After being ignored several times, Newmie is disappointed. He wonders if it was all worth it and decides to give everything up to go back to school so that he can be a ‘nobody.’ After Mitch has a talk with him to remind him of all the lives that he has saved, Newmie get rid of the toupee. He realizes that he doesn’t need it after all.

    Cody and J.D. each start to fanaticize about getting the ‘Medal of Valor.’ They decide to go for the medal, but Mitch advises them not to because it would probably embarrass the two policemen that they rescued. The guys had to be rescued in their underwear. They go with Mitch’s advice. But as luck would have it, the two policemen had the nerve to apply for the medal and they were decorated with the honor. The story had been twisted around, stating that they had rescued the Lifeguards and the little girl. Cody and J.D. didn’t look too pleased. Mitch leaves the room to head outside where he sees Ed trying to teach Jessie how to throw a lasso. He catches the rear view mirror of a Lifeguard truck passing by and Ed is taken with it. Ed then tries to teach her other stunts, like trying to crash dive through candy glass and the old classic candy glass bottle broken over the head. But neither would break causing Ed more injuries. But in the dive crash stunt, Jessie does it and perfectly. Ed tells her that she has potential.

    In the end, Newmie was able to land Carrie without the toupee. He was just himself and did fine. In the end, Mitch ended up with the dog and had decided to take it home. He told the dog that he hoped that it doesn’t snore.

    Recurring Cast
    Parker Stevenson as Craig Pomeroy
    Jeff Altman as Ed Symes

    Guest Starting
    Wendy Oates-Devore as News Reporter


    10 > Friends Forever
    episode # 187    air date: 11/23/1998

    The team is helping the children from the Special Olympics prepare for their annual competition. One of the children, a deaf girl named Kayla is with her father Gavin. Gavin is a good friend of Alex. Gavin was called back to San Diego on business so Alex offers to have Kayla stay with her so she won’t miss the Special Olympics.

    Meanwhile on the boardwalk was a carnival man named Herbert Crane. He has a small show that is built around his orangutan, Morton. As the crowd gathers, he builds him up to be a fierce beast…the ‘Fierce Mighty Mo!’ The painting of Morton made him look dangerous. When the curtain was drawn, Morton stood in chains looking as domestic as ever. The crowd was not impressed. They wanted their money back. Cody and Jessie had attended the show with some of the Special Olympics children. They liked Morton, which irritated Herbert all the more.

    Later on the road, a drunken Herbert was driving a bit loosely. This causes him to have an accident. As he goes around the curve, the cage falls out of the truck. Morton escapes, and Herbert gets caught in a wave and is tossed into the ocean by a wave. Mitch and the team save Herbert and sends him in for a possible DUI. Morton hides. Kayla sees him and helps him out. She takes him away from the scene. Herbert goes to jail and is constantly muttering about his orangutan, Morton. The Lifeguards all think that he is just babbling because of his unstable state. Jessie and Cody talks about Morton and Mitch then realizes that an orangutan is actually missing. Cody and Jessie think that the best thing for Morton would be to take him away from Herbert. They realize that he is not treated well.

    Kayla confesses about Morton. To find him, Cody and Jessie begin their search by the rocks. Jessie entices the orangutan with fruit. He takes the bait and sits to eat. Jessie sat down to hug him and assures that he will be taken care of. Until arrangements can be made, Mitch is asked to take Morton home with him. He refuses, but ends up doing it anyway. He carts Morton along with him as well as Kayla.

    Morton hoarded food and caused problems for Mitch. He even locked him out of the house. Later, Kayla who has the need to be independent, had pulled out of the Special Olympics. No one is able to pursuade her to do otherwise…until Mitch suggests that Morton was to be their mascot. Kayla and Morton spot Herbert and hide. Cody and Jessie warn Herbert that orangutans are on the endangered species list. He must have legal paperwork that states he is Morton’s owner, or his possession of the orangutan is illegal. This angers Herbert. After all Morton was Herbert’s meal ticket!

    Mitch and Alex notice that Kayla and Morton are missing. They go off to find them. They are trapped in a cave with the water rising as the tide comes in. Kayla is frightened. Morton sees an opening toward the top and goes toward it for help. Kayla cries for him not to leave her. He shows Mitch where Kayla was trapped. Mitch is shown the front opening of the cave.

    Meanwhile, Kayla is having problems staying afloat. Mitch dives into the water to rescue her. She sees that Morton had gone to get help when she sees him. He did not abandon her. They headed for the games. With the aid of Jessie and Cody, Morton was going to be free of Herbert. He would be sent to an orangutan preserve in Hawaii. Herbert shows up to bid Morton goodbye. Kayla does not want to see him go, but Gavin promises that they can visit him. They would always be friends forever.

    Recurring Cast
    Chris Fiore as Chris
    Ron Sterk as Ron
    Jon Valenti as John

    Guest Starting
    Rex Smith as Gavin
    Aimee Walker as Herself
    Danny Woodburn as Herbert Crane


    11 > The Edge
    episode # 188    air date: 12/14/1998

    Cody is in the pool trying to boost his swimming times in order to bring them up to world class level. After a layoff from focusing on his swimming career and dreams, he worked hard at making a comeback. After his swim he realizes that his times are still unsatisfactory. He gets out of the pool in frustration and noting a blonde woman following him. He meets Liz Brooks, very attractive representative for the new line of nutritional supplements call ‘The Edge 2000.’ She had been following his career since he was trying out for the Olympic Games. She wanted him to be the spokesperson for the product.

    Alex and Newmy arrive at Headquarters while Mitch is working out. With the attention that Newmy is giving to Alex, Mitch is wondering if he is pursuing her. Liz is there with Cody mixing some of the drink in a blender for him to test out. She explains to them how ‘The Edge’ works, but Mitch and Alex, are a bit doubtful. Liz explains that it is all natural and legal. They taste it and Liz went on that Cody would have to have a very disciplined diet to lower his body fat.

    With the hard work for the Olympics, it begins to interfere with his work shifts. Mitch told him that he would have to have someone to cover for him if he can’t cover the shift. He has to choose between his job or the Olympic Games.

    Later on the beach, while Alex is on duty, she comes across a Korean family that could not speak English. They were playing in the ocean fully clothed and Alex asked if they could swim. She tries to communicate with words and gestures To tell the parents to watch the children and the Mother nods as if she understood. Alex tends to another child while a wave takes one of the children out and under. Alex calls in for assistance and then goes in to rescue the little girl.

    Mitch and Newmie talk about Alex. Newmie wants to make sure that Mitch is not interested in Alex. He wanted no competition from Mitch. Mitch assured Newmie that he was not interested in Alex. Their discussion was cut short with the call to assist Alex. When Mitch arrives, Alex is already bringing the unconscious girl in to shore. The family is distraught and crowds around Alex and tries to get the girl away from her. Mitch holds them back while Alex gives her CPR. Once the girl starts breathing, the family realized what Alex was doing. Alex realizes that it was a wonderful feeling saving that little girl.

    When Mitch is home later that day, Newmie stops by to visit. He asks Mitch to assign Alex to Malibu the next day. But as luck would have it, Alex shows up. She told them that she was in the neighborhood. She confirms their dinner date and soon leaves. To calm an upset Newmie, Mitch assures him that he has no interest in Alex. He tells Newmie that Alex invited him to dinner so that she can butter him up for the promotion available. But that night at dinner Mitch gave a toast to Alex and said that she was a woman who knows how to get what she wants. Alex wondered what he meant by that remark. Earlier she felt that they shared a special moment when they saved that little girl. Mitch told Alex that she didn’t have to go to so much trouble for the promotion. It was hers. She had proven herself. This angered Alex greatly. Why would she stoop to that level for a promotion? Why would Mitch think that she invited him to dinner just to get on his good side to get it? He misunderstood why she had invited him out to dinner. She stood up and gave the waiter some cash while she stormed out. This left Mitch with paying the bulk of the check.

    Once in traffic, the road shuts down and Mitch decides that they would use a nearby Lifeguard tower for the night. Once inside, all they do is argue and Mitch gets the rescue can to use as the pillow and Alex gets the blanket. She wanted a pillow, so Mitch suggested that they trade. Mitch got the blanket and Alex the rescue can. Alex was cold and she asked Mitch if she could use a little of the blanket. Mitch refused and they got into a fight over the blanket. They struggled over it until Alex hit her head…very hard against the floor! Mitch became concerned and became more understanding and sympathetic.

    The next day, Newmie arrives at Alex’s tower with a bouquet of flowers to surprise her and show her how he felt. His cheerfulness however turned to a range of emotions including hurt and jealousy when he saw Mitch and Alex inside on the floor together asleep. He quickly left the tower, throwing the flowers away in disgust.

    Meanwhile, Cody is on duty and is now starting to pay the price of training too hard with a super low percentage of body fat. He paces anxiously back and forth and is freezing all of the time. He sees two girls in the ocean that needs help. He goes out to help but is so cold and out of energy that he can barely make it out to them and has trouble staying afloat. He has to end up being one of the victims to be rescued.

    After Cody recovers and is able to return to his job, Mitch gives him a decision to stay on full time as a Lifeguard or full time training. He was having trouble doing both. Cody decides to take some time off from Lifeguarding and go for the Olympics. Cody promises that he will be back.

    Mitch tells Newmie that he may be interested in Alex after all. He wasn’t quite sure yet. Newmie tells Mitch that he can’t talk about that right now. Just then, Alex called down to Newmie from above to tell him that she will be with him in a few minutes. Newmie told Mitch that he was teaching Alex how to surf. He left with his surfboard to meet Alex. Mitch was still standing there a bit stunned.

    Guest Starting
    Josie Davis as Liz Brooks
    Esther Hyun as Woman
    Jerry Lambert as Lifeguard


    12 > Big Blue, The
    episode # 189    air date: 1/11/1999

    Mitch and other Lifeguards watch spectacular stunts above BW Headquarters done by a group of skydivers. After they land close to Headquarters, Mitch recognizes an old military buddy named Ben Frazier. They get reacquainted and catch up on each other’s lives. Mitch then sees his Commander’s daughter. A now very grown-up Tracy McCabe. Ben tells Mitch about how the relationship between Tracy and her father has been strained since she joined the military. Tracy is very surprised and happy when she sees Mitch. She gets to meet Jessie, who explains about her aspiring stunt career and how she would love to do some of the stunts from a plane. Tracy and Ben told her that they would be happy to do so.

    Meanwhile, below in the ocean, a champion diver named Meghan Henderson is filming a commercial without the aid of any breathing equipment. The cast and crew are all amazed at how she is able to hold her breath for such long periods at a time. Cody is the Lifeguard on duty here and he is also struck by her beauty. After the filming, Cody and Meghan climb aboard the Scarab. Jared McGuire, who is the director of the commercial and Meghan’s ex-boyfriend, sees the two together and gets jealous. He tries to tell her to get into his boat, but she refuses. The two takes off angering Jared even more.

    Out in the ocean, J.D. and Jessie are hunting for crayfish. Below, Jessie is frightened by a Moray Eel causing her to flee. She crashes into the wall of a small cave. It collapses, sending rocks down trapping her. J.D. realizes that he could not fit into the space, goes up to the boat to radio for help. He explains that Jessie only has three minutes of air left.

    Meanwhile, Cody and Meghan talk. It was her dream to set the women’s record for free diving. J.D.’s call come in and they rush to the site. They both get into SCUBA equipment and jump into the water. Jessie had only one minute of air left. Meghan prepares herself to dive as she dons fins. She makes it down, following them. The guys cannot get into the opening. Meghan, who is sleek made it through with the spare air. She then helps to free her. They get her out and start on the way up. Meghan is soon out of the cave and follows. They all surface and get Jessie to the safety of the boat.

    Meghan makes it onto the boat, but almost passes out and quickly opens her eyes. Jessie thanks her for helping to save her. She seemed pleased and told her that she was welcomed.

    J.D. and Jessie were in the gym. He complained about her being in a cave yesterday and nearly died. Now she wants to go up 25 thousand feet and jump out of a plane.

    Mitch and Tracy ate a picnic meal by the ocean. The conversation suddenly was about her father. Mitch asked Tracy about attending the ceremony of her Dad accepting the Navy Cross. She knew about the ceremony but would not attend. She told Mitch how her father ran his family like he ran his platoon. When Tracy left home she swore that she would never go back. She was sorry that Mitch was dragged into this. Her father had no right. Mitch told Tracy that her father had every right. Her father didn’t drag him into it, he volunteered because eight years ago during the Gulf War, he was called up on active duty. They trained for two weeks and was shipped to a destroyer off the Coast of Kuwait. Some of the staff from the American Embassy had been hiding since the Iraq invasion. Their mission was to go in and get them out. They were coming in from the marshes off shore when the got spotted by an Iraq patrol boat. All hell broke loose. They were attacked and Mitch got hit. Tracy’s father saved him and swam him to safety into hiding.

    In the end, Mitch told her that he wouldn’t be here to tell that story if not for her father. Very few people got the Navy Cross. Tracy told Mitch that as a soldier she respected her Dad. But as a father, she lost respect for him a long time ago. She was not changing her mind.

    Meghan was upset at Headquarters. She told Cody that Jared found out that she had been taken to the hospital yesterday. He found out that she had blacked out. He reported her to the officials and now she might disqualified. Cody asked why. She went on to say that if the judges thought that there was a self-imposed danger, they can prevent you from competing. They were very strict about keeping divers within their own limits. Jared entered the competition with her because she got better at diving. He trained alone so that she wouldn’t know his depths. He blacked out one day and would have died if a scuba diver hadn’t found him. Now his obsession was her-to make or break.

    Commander McCabe asked Mitch about his daughter and if she was coming to the Navy Cross ceremony. He never expected Tracy to forgive him. He just wanted to see her again.

    The group got into their gear near the plane. They prepared for the jump. Ben told Mitch that there was bad news from the doctor about Commander McCabe. He had about six months to live. Mitch told Ben that he thought that it was something like that. Mitch also volunteered to tell Tracy the bad news. Ben told him to wait until after the jump.

    In the air, they pick up a distress call from the Coast Guard. The location was the back side of Catalina Island…Pirate’s Cove. There was a victim in the water, fighting the waves, and two that were laying unconscious in the sand. Ben had Mitch and Tracy had Jessie. Ben dropped Mitch a 100 feet so that he could get to the water victim. Jessie, Tracy and Ben landed to help the other two laying in the sand. CPR was given to one of the other unconscious victims until she came to. The man was breathing on his own. The Coast Guard Helicopter hovered overhead to help take the victims to the hospital.

    At the diving competition, Cody and J.D. supported Meghan. Jared was angry to see her there and loudly protested that she shouldn’t even be in the competition. As Jared prepared to dive, he kept looking back angrily at Meghan and Cody. He dived, going down to 165 feet. On the way back up, he had a bit of trouble. Monitoring divers were standing by to assist in his getting back up to the surface. It was a black out! The men brought him up to the surface. J.D. and Cody gave him CRP until he came to. He regained consciousness and got up as if nothing happened. But since he had blacked out during the competition, he was disqualified.

    Meghan was the last diver at 175 feet. Cody was in the water and told her to focus on the dive and not about Jared. He would be O.K. She then made the dive and resurfaced to the cheers of the crowd.

    Mitch told Tracy about her Dad. He had inoperable brain cancer. Tracy was shocked. Mitch told her that he had just found out. He offered comfort as she cried in his arms. Later, Mitch and Ben brought father and daughter together since the Commander had cancelled the ceremony. Tracy held the Navy Cross in its box to offer her father. She told him that she loved him as they embraced.

    Recurring Cast
    Gregory J. Barnett as Jim Barnett

    Guest Starting
    George Lazenby as Commander McCabe
    Tava Smiley as Tracy McCabe
    Mehgan Heaney-Grier as Meghan Henderson
    Beau Billingslea as Ben Frazier
    Kevin Jacobsen as Jared McGuire


    13 > Come Fly With Me
    episode # 190    air date: 1/18/1999

    An old fashioned flyer is overhead as Jessie and J.D. jog along the beach. As they talked about last night, the plane flew low and over them. Jessie wondered what in the heck was that! The plane came back doing spins and tricks. Jessie asked what that was all about. J.D. remarked he thought that the guy in the plane likes her. The plane finally flies along.

    Meanwhile a while later, the beach was crowded with people having fun. Alex and Mitch walked along the beach as he rewound the cord around his rescue can. He asked her how her date went with Herman. He found out that she paid for the date. He told her that he would be back asking her out again. Suddenly, people were coming out of the water holding their stomachs. Figuring that it was a storm drain polluting the water, everyone was ordered out. People were treated at Headquarters. The ocean was closed until they could find out what the cause of the outbreak was.

    There was a phone call for Mitch while they treated people. Newmie said that it sounded like a little kid. Mitch got to the phone and it was Tanner. He was begging for Mitch to help him. Suddenly the phone went dead. It left Mitch bewildered.

    But as luck would have it, Mitch got another call from Tanner. The little guy was tied up to keep him from going anywhere. He was hiding the phone as he spoke. Blake was out on the floor, drunk. Tanner told Mitch where he was so that he could get him. Mitch told him to hold on, that he would be there shortly. Mitch had to sneak in very quiet, stepping over Blake. He got the cord loose so that he could carry Tanner out. He carefully stepped over Blake. But the man regained consciousness long enough to see Tanner in Mitch’s arms. He blacked out again.

    Tanner gets cleaned up and puts on Hobie’s clothing. Tanner asked where Hobie was. He had curious about him since the last time he was there and Hobie wasn’t. Mitch told him that he was off on a surfing safari in Mexico. Tanner asked if Hobie had anything smaller. Mitch told him to look in Hobie’s bottom drawer. He kept all of his old things in there. Alex dropped by very concerned that Mitch has set himself up for trouble. She also told Mitch that the outbreak on the beach was caused by the hotdog vendor. Many people ate the hot dogs. The vendor got a bad batch of hot dogs.

    There was a knock on the door. It was the police, and charges were pressed against him for kidnapping Tanner. Alex asked Mitch who his lawyer was and she would contact him. Mitch told her that it was Craig, and that he was in Mexico surfing with Hobie. She told him not to worry, she would get a lawyer. After an uncomfortable and irritating time in a holding cell with others, Mitch was very happy when Alex came. The cell was being opened for his release. He thought that Alex had posted bond, but she told him that he was released on his own recognizance. The police understood the situation and Mitch was registered as a Foster Parent.

    Alex told Mitch that the best place for Tanner is a shelter for his own protection until the proper foster home can be found.

    Meanwhile, more gifts arrive for Jessie. Including flowers and a special gift basket filled with goodies at her tower. Suddenly the plane appeared again and dropped something. It was a small parachute attached to a jewelry gift box. It was a package from DeBeers Diamonds.

    Mitch arrived at his tower to find Tanner there. He has run away from the shelter. Mitch had the O.K. for him to keep Tanner for the night. During the evening, Blake shows up at Mitch’s house and starts abuse. He makes prank phone calls as well as a threatening one to do something to his own son. He knew that Mitch had a son! This meant that he had been snooping in the house! Fearing that he would carry out his threat, Mitch told Blake not to even go there. Blake lit a lighter to show that he was outside of Mitch’s house. Mitch realizes that Tanner must go back to the shelter for his own safety. He was not safe with Mitch. Before that, Mitch takes Tanner for a ride in the Windjet.

    Jessie finally got to meet her secret admirer. At first, she sees that it is an older man by the plane. But then J.D. showed up to tell her that he set everything up because she would not accept the diamond if he gave it to her. She said that it was beautiful and awfully expensive. J.D. said a month’s salary. He helped her put it on.

    Mitch and Tanner were being stalked by Blake during the ride. And he waited as they headed back to the pier. He punched Mitch causing him to fall into the water. Blake got in and took off with a frightened Tanner. Mitch struggled to catch up with the boat and jumps in. They fight as Mitch told Tanner to get onto a Wave runner and get off the Windjet. They keep struggling while the boat is about to crash into the pier, bursting into flames. Mitch emerged and heads toward Tanner. Before Mitch could get onto the Waverunner, Blake suddenly emerged from the water. He grabbed Tanner. Mitch stopped him and Blake had to let go. Mitch told Tanner to swim. Mitch finally overpowered Blake.

    When the police had Blake into custody, he whined about Mitch taking his boy. And then he looked angrily at Tanner and threatened him. He would get him. He would never get rid of him. Mitch comforted Tanner and told him that it was all right and that his father couldn’t hurt him. Although he was afraid, the boy said that he knew. Later Tanner was placed in the shelter again. Tanner kept stalling as he did not want to stay there. He wanted to be with Mitch. Alex and Mitch sat in the car, both feeling pretty empty inside. Mitch decided that the shelter was no place for a child. He went in to retrieve Tanner. He was to take custody of the boy. He was soon carrying out the happy little boy. Alex was was pretty jubilant too!

    Recurring Cast
    Cameron Finley as Tanner Sloan
    Randall England as Blake Sloan
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Ed McMahon as Sean
    Greg Montgomery as Detective Oswell


    14 > Boys Will Be Boys
    episode # 191    air date: 2/1/1999

    Cody and J.D. get into a battle of the egos. That if you can do it, I can do it better type of thing. The two of them along with Jessie are in a sailboat while each has their turn in trying to put up the sail. They each fail, blaming each other while bickering. Jessie is fed up with their bickering and the fact that it is not helping the matter manages to flip a switch to make it go up. They still keep arguing.

    J.D. has a second job as a personal fitness trainer at a local BALLY’S TOTAL FITNESS club. He sees this a great benefit because of all of the attractive women that work out there. Jessie and Cody decide to pay him a visit. J.D. instructs one woman how to pump iron. She doesn’t want to bulk up, so he told her to use lighter weights and use more reps. She would define her muscles, not bulk up. Just then, Cody was helping a woman and afterward, J.D. walks up to him telling him that he was taking money out of his pocket. When one woman asks Cody if he was a trainer because he looked like one, J.D. got a bit ticked and they both ended up training the women for free.

    Cody was entering the Oceanside pre-Olympic Triathlon. J.D. says that he can enter too. Hearing the guys talk, Jessie decides to enter the race. They even challenged each other to eating churros. They each bragged about how many they could eat in one sitting that the challenge was 50 churros. Meanwhile, Jessie is more serious about the race. They don’t notice this.

    A rowboat scene shows a 300-pound man rowing with his girlfriend leaning on The other end. When she entices him with a beer, it turns out to be a huge mistake. He reaches for it and the boat flips over spilling them out into the water. They both have trouble staying afloat.

    Craig is having a bit of bad luck lately. When he and Mitch respond to the rescue, Mitch goes for the girl, even though he is a lot taller and heavier than Craig. It left Craig with the 300-pound victim. Feeling weak while trying to rescue the man, Craig struggles trying to hold on to him and afterward loses consciousness. Mitch had to rescue him by going under and bringing him back to the surface. Later back at Headquarters, Mitch is concerned and told Craig that he was his buddy and if he needed to talk about anything, he’d be there for him. He knew what he was going through with the finalization of his divorce, selling the house, etc. He was under a lot of pressure and stress. He remembered his own divorce. Craig said that he would keep that into consideration. Mitch thinks that he has changed a great deal recently.

    Manny is trying to get April alone, so that he can talk to her but all she does is avoid him. When he does manage to catch up with her, she makes up some flimsy excuse to keep him away. She was afraid to tell him the truth about her and Craig.

    April and Mitch later discuss the changes in Craig. They both agree that he is exhibiting strange behavior. In order to talk to Craig with no interruptions, Mitch suggests to him that they go paddle boarding. Craig really sensed that Mitch wanted to talk to him about his behavior, so before they headed out he just stated to Mitch, ‘I got Cancer.’ Mitch was stunned and silent as he just stood there. He explained further that he had Lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, but he was determined to beat it. They paddled out into the ocean and get caught in a fog. Both are very hungry trapped out there and Mitch asks Craig what he was doing. Craig was eating a candy bar that he had stored in a compartment of his wet suit. Mitch wanted some. Their battling over it causes it to fall into the water. Soon afterward, a shark started to circle them. Mitch reasoned that it must have picked up the smell of the candy bar. Craig is knocked into the water and his board is destroyed. He is forced to share Mitch’s. Craig is knocked unconscious and sinks to the bottom. Mitch rescues him.

    Manny finally corners April. He needed to talk to her. He wanted to tell her what he had to say first before she got the news from someone else. He was engaged to another girl. It was only then that April confessed that she was in love with someone else. They had no hard feelings and decide to remain good friends.

    It is noted that Mitch and Craig have been gone a long time and the team organizes a search. Meanwhile, Mitch hears a seagull is overhead. it deposits a slat on Craig’s wetsuit. So much for the end of bad luck! They are lucky enough to find land. They swim around a jetty, but land on a Military base. Navy men are soon surrounding them. They are told that they are to be taken into custody. After a long rough time in the ocean, both men are very happy that they are finally rescued!

    Recurring Cast
    José Solano as Manny Gutierrez
    Parker Stevenson as Craig Pomeroy

    Guest Starting
    Bonnie-Jill Laflin as Woman in the Gym


    15 > Baywatch Grand Prix
    episode # 192    air date: 2/8/1999

    April and J.D. Rescue a man who was about to commit suicide. Newmy’s brother-in law heard about it on the radio. He was a TV producer and Newmy had been telling him to do a series about Lifeguards. Mitch told him that it had already been done-‘Rescue Bay’-a few years back. NBC didn’t go for it. Newmy informed Mitch that this was a syndicated show and a whole different market.

    Newmy, April and Cody talked about casting calls for the show. April said that they would go through old incident reports for storyline ideas.

    Mitch is happy to meet Damon Lusk although at first he was worried that he just might claim Tanner since he and the little boy were ‘cousins.’ Mitch told Damon that a long time ago he went to racing school as a gift from his parents for graduating college. He knew number one racer Mark Martin. Mitch says that he beat him once although Mark always said that Mitch cheated. Damon gets Mitch to try out the car. Mitch does and had not lost any ability behind the wheel. Damon meets Alex and is attracted to her.

    The talent search began. The contestants did the run on the beach in the traditional red BW uniform. Photos of each actor was taken They were shown how to run and use the rescue can. During the kayak tryout, it was obvious to Newmy that it was going to be harder to find some actors for the show than he thought.

    Later, since he wanted to find out a bit more information about her, Damon let Tanner sit behind the wheel. Tanner knew that she was unmarried He fishes for other information.

    Damon brings Alex’s favorite, Chinese food to the beach. He offers her some, sitting by her tower. She tells him that she is on duty and can’t join him. Mitch knows that the two of them are attracted to each other. He tells Alex to admit that she is attracted to Damon.

    Damon goes into the water and is suddenly extremely sick and is unable to swim. After the rescue, he is rushed to the hospital where is discovered that the fried rice that he had eaten contained shrimp. Damon was allergic to shellfish. Damon gets out of the hospital although not quite 100% yet. He was unable to race. He asks Mitch to take his place. Although Mitch hesitated for a moment, he agreed to do it.

    Newmy’s brother-in-law was fired. The guy that replaced him hated ‘Beachside,’ and said that it was amateurish. The project was dead to everyone’s disappointment.

    Mark Martin recognizes Mitch and concentrates on winning the race. Mitch does not win, but comes in a close second. Both finalists contribute their winnings to Camp BW. After Damon full recovers from his ordeal from the shrimp, he comes back to Headquarters to bid everyone goodbye. He gave the longest goodbye to Alex and wanted her to join him on the circuit, but she refused. She told Damon that her place was at BW. The famed Wildlife Artist Wyland arrives and the tower painting with the kids began.

    Recurring Cast
    Cameron Finley as Tanner Sloan
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Peter Barton as Damon Lusk
    Joseph Della Sorte as Ervin
    Mark Martin as Himself
    Deborah Walley as Ethel


    16 > Baywatch Down Under 1
    episode # 193    air date: 2/15/1999

    The team of Alex, April, Jessie, Mitch, Cody and Jake Barnes are all involved in the rescue of a driver when his car winds up in Bologna Creek. The driver is saved, but Jake is nowhere to be seen. Mitch spots him trapped under a fallen tree and he rescues him. Later at Headquarters, after the rescue the boyfriend of Jake’s ex-wife Eric Barnett. He came to tell Jake that his ex-wife, Carla is dead and he must decide what to do about his son, Terry. It was a total shock to Jake as he never knew about their son.

    Mitch who is a single parent tells Jake that he must accept the responsibility of caring for his son. Mitch said that he was scared too, but he enjoyed watching that little boy grow up. Jake says that he would have to go to Australia to take care of everything and wanted Mitch to go along. Mitch had some time off coming so he agrees to go setting Jake’s mind at ease.

    Mitch calls his friend from Australia, Kip Kane to help with arrangements. Kip is starting a new career as a promoter for sporting events and wants Mitch To come there for his first gig: an Eco Race between Baywatch and local Australian Lifeguards. Mitch agrees after the team pressures him because they wanted to participate as well.

    Kip greets the BW group. They make way for the Avalon surf club where Jake is staying. The big surf carnival is also taking place on this day where everyone watches the competition at the beach. Jake walks around the beach amazed about the place. Above, young Terry watches him. The dog barked and Jake turned to look upward in that direction. He saw Terry and the dog. Terry got up quickly to leave. He then sees a person waving her arms for help. Her friend had fallen into the ocean. Jake ran out to help. His son Terry saw This and was scared that he would die too. He climbed onto the rocks and jumped in to save the victim. The waves were too strong and he could not swim him in. Allie and her fellow Lifeguard saw this and grabbed a rubber ducky to get out to them. Jessie made her way over to the girl whom had been waving for help. They had to maneuver around the waves several times before they actually got to them while Jessie kept yelling what were they waiting for? Help them! They were finally rescued. Little Terry was relieved.

    With the victim now safe, the other Lifeguard was critical of Jake. He yelled at him that they didn’t jump off the rocks to rescue people. Jake told him that it was what they did in California. They get out there and get their hands on the victim and figure it out from there. The victim would not have survived if he had not been out there to hold him up! The victim was safe and that was what counted most. Allie admitted both techniques was best to save the victim. Neither would have worked alone. Not theirs, not Jake’s.

    Allie explained about their Lifeguarding system while she tended to Jake’s wounds. It was a club instead of a Headquarters. Volunteers protected the beaches, did the laundry, pay the bills, clean, did maintenance, cooked, etc. They tested to become Lifeguard the way the US did, but they also had to know that they could depend on each other.

    Terry sat alone and soon Jake joined him. They talked for a while. Terry asked Jake if he was his Dad. Jake told him yes. The boy asked if he did anything bad when he was a baby to make him leave. Jake assured him that he didn’t. Jake explained that he never knew that he existed. His Mother never told him and he didn’t know why. But he promised terry that he would stay with him forever.

    Kip then introduces they team who would compete to James ‘Dugo’ Douglas. Dugo was a Lifeguard in his twenties who liked everything about California. Later Mitch makes his way to his room and one of the girls is following him. Mitch gains entry to his room and just before it shuts, she uses the card trick to keep it from closing shut.

    Out side, Terry overhears Jake and Allie talking. He said that he was getting Terry packed and he was taking him back home with him to the states. Terry was shocked.

    Recurring Cast
    Simmone Mackinnon as Allie Reese
    Robert “Rib” Hillis as Jake Barnes
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Karina Brown as Woman
    Kendrick Hughes as Eric Barnett
    Christian Patterson as Terry Barnes
    Jared Robinson as Kip Kane
    Tania Zaetta as Kendra Reilly


    17 > Baywatch Down Under 2
    episode # 194    air date: 2/22/1999

    One of the girls from the Aussie team tries to get Cody to go for a swim and succeeds so that she could tire him out before the event.

    That night, on of the women sneaks into Mitch’s room. She places clothing and messes up the room to look as if he had had a wild night. The next morning Terry runs away. Jake had plans to take Terry back to California with him. Terry wasn’t to happy with that decision and ran back to his room. He packed his belongings and wrote a note stating that he wasn’t leaving and he couldn’t make him. He took his dog Spenser and left.

    Alex knocked on Mitch’s door. Everyone was waiting for him. She had coffee. When he opened the door in a towel, she looked behind him at the room, which looked a total mess. She asked him if he went to bed last night as she looked inside. She guess he did. Alex just left. Mitch told her to wait. He wanted to explained that nothing happened. He started to go after her with the door closing behind him, catching his towel. He couldn’t open the door to get back into the room. Mitch then had to endure embarrassment as two women passed.

    Meanwhile young Terry is at the dock by Clare’s sailboat. He unties it and gets on board with the dog to get away.

    Mitch tried to explain to Alex about last night. Alex did not want to hear it. Mitch then asked if she was jealous. The contest started with the two-man paddle kayaking event.

    Jake needed some clue as to where Terry might be so he discussed it with Allie and Jessie. Jessie told him that if Terry didn’t want to be found he would not have left a note. To search for clues, Allie said that Clare’s things have been moved to a garage on St. Anne’s Buff. Jake goes there.

    The contest was now in its climbing stage. The teams lower themselves and the blonde Aussie falls several feet and is hung up-side down in her rope. Mitch and Alex help her. The other Lifeguards are all below. Alex gets her foot untangled. She tells the girl that Mitch would pull her right side up again. When Mitch threatened to let her slip with his ‘weak hand,’ she told Mitch and Alex the truth to admit that she set him up. It was all Kip’s idea. Nothing happened. They then pulled her up right.

    Jake finds that Clare has kept the car that he left behind, a 1963 Corvette in mint condition. While going through everything, he stumbles across a letter that Clare had wrote to him. He is emotional while reading it. In the letter she explains that she had to leave him because he could never be tied down. He then realized that Terry was like his Mother. She always went sailing when faced with a big decision. He had an idea where the boy might be headed. Allie and Jessie offered to help search for Terry. The two take a seaplane and he goes overland.

    The two-man Waverunner phase of the race was underway. A girl is trapped under some rocks. They stop the race to get her out. First they tried manpower, which failed. After tying a rope around the rock, they had to use the Waverunners to pull it off so that the little girl could be cleared.

    Mitch met Jake and jumped into the rubber ducky. Meanwhile, Terry notes that the boat is headed uncontrollably for the rocks. Once it hits, the boy is tossed overboard. Mitch gets to him but he doesn’t want to leave his dog, Spenser. Jake goes for the dog while the helicopter above lowers a harness for Mitch and Terry to be pulled to safety. The boat is destroyed and starts to sink rather quickly. Jake made it to the rubber ducky with the dog.

    Jake and Terry visits Clare’s grave together. At that time, Jake realizes that this is all too sudden for Terry and he would be better off in Australia right now. He would teach his son about California during that time until he is ready to leave.

    The Baywatch Lifeguards and Aussie Club Lifeguards share some of their skill, technique and knowledge with each other. As he BW Lifeguards had planned to stay in Australia.

    Recurring Cast
    Simmone Mackinnon as Allie Reese
    Robert “Rib” Hillis as Jake Barnes

    Guest Starting
    Karina Brown as Woman
    Christian Patterson as Terry Barnes
    Jared Robinson as Kip Kane
    Tania Zaetta as Kendra Reilly


    18 > Water Dance
    episode # 195    air date: 3/22/1999

    Recurring Cast
    Gregory J. Barnett as Jim Barnett
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Linda Brava as Ariana
    Ian Ogilvy as Miles Clayton
    Kristina Wayborn as Lena
    Robert Apisa as Erik (uncredited)
    Craig Shugart as Troy (uncredited)


    19 > Double Jeopardy
    episode # 196    air date: 4/26/1999

    Mitch arrived home with his date. He was looking forward to entertaining her alone. Hobie suddenly sat up on the couch to Mitch’s surprise. He thought that Hobie was going to the river. Hobie told him that the plans fell through. Mitch introduced Hobie to his date, Carrie. Hobie seemed a bit disappointed that Mitch showed up at that moment. He seemed to be in an awkward position. Hobie told Mitch that he thought that he was going to San Diego. Mitch gave the same reason…the plans fell through.

    Mitch wondered if his son was up to something as he displayed a suspicious expression. He asked Hobie what he was doing. A young blonde girl sat up and said hi. He excused Hobie kitchen area.

    Hobie suggested that Mitch and Carrie go out. Mitch didn’t think because he was going to insist that Hobie and Kate go out. Hobie didn’t think that it was fair since he was there first. Neither would budge so both were out of excuses, Mitch suggested that they all stay there together.

    That didn’t go over too well with Hobie. He made a point of not wanting to double date with his Dad. Mitch asked Hobie if he had any suggestions. Hobie told Mitch that he could go to his room. Mitch drew the line. Hobie asked why. Mitch said that he was responsible so he was not taking that girl up to his room. While they argued, the ladies decided to stand by the door. Hobie told Mitch that it was the 90’s. Mitch told Hobie that he didn’t care if it was the Millennium. It wasn’t going to happen.

    Hobie said fine and suggested that Mitch could take Carrie to his room. ‘Hobie,’ Mitch said. Hobie told Mitch that he was 18. Mitch told his son that it didn’t matter. He was under his roof. Hobie told Mitch that it was his roof too. Mitch came back with that he bought the house and he paid the bills. Hobie asked if that made him a houseguest.

    The ladies told them that they were leaving. As they opened the door and stepped outside, Mitch tried to find words to stop it but all he could do was trip over the sounds that made their way out of his mouth. It was now too late for either of them to do anything. Hobie looked up at Mitch angrily, showing that he was blaming Mitch for ruining the evening. After their dates were gone, Mitch looked downward at Hobie in the same manner.

    The next day, Hobie made it to his Dad’s tower. Mitch was happy to see him and greeted Hobie cheerfully. Hobie returned the greeting, but kept looking straight ahead before finally eyeing Mitch. Mitch asked him what was up.

    Hobie told Mitch that they had to talk. Mitch asked about what? Hobie got right to the point. Hobie told Mitch that he was moving out. Mitch asked what did he mean that he was moving out. Hobie just shrugged and said that he wanted his own place.

    Mitch smiled and took the conversation likely. He asked if it was about last night. Hobie told Mitch that he was not a little kid anymore. He graduated High School, he had his own job. ‘If you’re upset about ‘it’s my house, I pay the bills, I’m sorry. It reminded me of my own Dad.’ Mitch said, smiling, thinking that it was the end of the matter. He gave him a friendly pat against his tummy. Hobie told him that he needed his own space. Mitch reminded him that there was plenty of space for two of them. Hobie told him he needed privacy. J.B. and Connor had their own apartment and he had decided to move in with them. Mitch told him that it was two roommates and less privacy. Hobie explained that they were buddies, not his Dad. He didn’t want Hobie to go anywhere.

    Mitch asked him that what if he said no? Hobie told Mitch that he was 18. Legally he couldn’t say no. Mitch was a bit stunned but asked Hobie if it was that an ultimatum or a challenge? ‘Why? Are you gonna send me to my room?’ Hobie asked sarcastically. Mitch warned him that he didn’t like his tone. Hobie came back with that he didn’t like being treated like a kid. Mitch softened a bit, not wanting Hobie to move out. Mitch acknowledged that Hobie was 18…but only 18. There were responsibilities to think about like gas, food, rent…insurance…his car! Hobie said that he knew. Mitch turned to face the ocean and told him that he thinks that he knows.

    With those words said and with Hobie being as stubborn as Mitch, he told him flatly that he was leaving. Mitch told him that it was a mistake. He didn’t think that it was. He went on to tell Mitch that he would be by to pick up his stuff that night. Mitch was left speechless and stunned as he watched Hobie leave his tower.

    Alex is going to visit her grandmother for her birthday, On the way there, she a man on a motorcycle brushes by her. She dismisses him as a jerk. A while later, she witnesses him trying to avoid an accident and smashes through the guardrail. He went over the cliff and into the ocean. Alex quickly dives after him.

    Meanwhile, his two partners Lisa and Jason are waiting for him on a boat nearby. They see him and asked what happened. After telling them Jason asked him for the package that he was supposed to have for them. When he refused to tell them where it was, Jason shot him. They see Alex coming toward them and she grabs the victim. She swims him to a nearby cave. Jason and Lisa wait out for them.

    Hobie is disappointed and Neely asks what’s wrong. He tells her about his buddies and the apartment, but the landlord won’t let three people into the apartment. Neely cons Hobie into staying with her in exchange for helping her with the baby. Hobie agrees. For Neely, this seemed part of the perfect revenge for Mitch. She knew how much he doted on Hobie and how much it would hurt him by his staying with her.

    Ben is hurt and Alex goes to get some sea grass to help slow the bleeding of Ben’s wound. She notes Jason and Lisa waiting for them. She submerges and makes her way back to Ben. She keeps Ben alert and huddles against him to keep him warm. Alex and Ben finally have to make a break for it by swimming out of the cave. Alex sneaks up to the Zodiac and disconnects the gas line. Making a splash loud enough for them to hear so that they are out of the boat, Alex and Ben get in. The gas line is reconnected. They try to start the engine, but it stalls a bit until the foes get close. The two try to get back on board, but the engine finally starts enabling them to take off.

    Alex heads toward shore when Ben pulls out a gun. The made up story about his being victimized by Jason and Lisa suddenly sinks in. She told Ben that she was usually a good judge of character and that he was good. But she was better. She turned quickly to speed up. It startles him, sending him overboard. she then made another pass and threw him a life preserver. She gets him to the authorities.

    Later, Alex finally gets to her grandmother’s party, but it is too late! The wild woman is taking off with her boyfriend on a motorcycle!

    Mitch sits miserably on the sofa. Hobie finally arrives and he tells his Dad that he just came by to pick up his belongings. He asks Hobie to sit beside him. He wanted to talk to him. Mitch seemed lost that Hobie was moving out and in with Neely. Hobie tells Mitch to tell him how he is feeling at the moment because it is what his Dad asks him when he is miserable. Mitch does with his eyes welling up with tears. He tells Hobie how much he loves him and that they are a team. He’s been with him since the day he was born. Hobie tells Mitch that he knows how much he loves him and that they still are a team. But just because they are a team doesn’t mean that they had to live together. Mitch finally accepts this.

    Recurring Cast
    Jennifer Lynn Campbell as Neely Capshaw
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Lisa Boyle as Lisa
    Patricia Conway
    Gregory Scott Cummins as Ben
    Carol Grow
    Spencer Rochfort as Jason


    20 > Wave Rage
    episode # 197    air date: 5/3/1999

    April has found Neely and tells her that Mitch wanted to see her. Neely asks why. April tells her that it may have had something to do with closing her tower five minutes early. Neely tells April that if Mitch wants to see her, she will be in the weight room.

    Neely enters he weight room and notes that Hobie has hurt a muscle on the equipment. She offers to ‘work the area out.’ She proceeds, while massaging the affected muscle, she also works her hands all over where they should not be. Mitch could hear the sounds and was shocked when he entered to see Neely making a pass at Hobie in this manner. He asked what was going on. Later, he took her aside to tell her about her inappropriate behavior. That Hobie was only 18 and vulnerable. She catches the sight of Newmy and J.D. coming in and suddenly started her act. She ‘cried,’ telling Mitch how hard she tries and that she was sorry if she made mistakes. Neely laid it on so thick, that she had J.D. and Newmy convinced that Mitch was too hard on her. With that Neely ran out of the room in ‘tears.’ When Newmy and J.D. gave their opinion concerning Neely, Mitch told them that she was a good actress.

    Hobie and Manny examine the bulletin board announcing the Long Beach to Catalina SEADOO race. They talk about entering. Manny states that he’s going To enter. Hobie tells him that Newmy and J.D. are entering the race and asks if he thinks that he could beat those guys. Manny assures him that he was. He would bet that Hobie would do his truck washing detail for a month if he won. Later, when the guys were practicing for the race, a driver comes up and was so good that they all ended up in the water stunned. Manny then took off his goggled helmet. They asked how he got so good. Many said that he would win. Hobie seconded it and got J.D. and Newmy to bet that if Manny won that they would do his truck washing detail for a month.

    Later, Neely is looking at the assignment clipboard and makes a change on it. Alex happens to enter and Neely starts to ‘complain’ about being in the worse tower again. That made the third time that she has had to work the tower in the past week. She rattles on about how Mitch really does not want her to working at Baywatch anymore.

    Later on tower duty near the pier, Manny goes out to rescue a victim. The waves are strong and Manny breaks a Lifeguarding rule of keeping the victim between him and the pilings while swimming him in. A strong wave smashes them against a piling. April, who was the next tower, see this and calls for help before running off into the surf to help. She takes the boy to hand over to one of the other Lifeguards and helps Manny. The Call Car and team was soon there and Manny was strapped to a board. A C-Collar was place on his neck and he was rushed to Santa Monica General. April and Hobie sat in the waiting room and is soon joined by Mitch. The doctor appeared before them to give them the news about Manny’s condition. Manny has sustained injuries to his spinal cord and that he may have permanent damage. Meaning that he may be permanently paralyzed.

    At Headquarters, Neely who was out to get back at Mitch for breaking off the marriage, handed Alex a hostile work environment complaint against Mitch. Realizing that these were serious charges, Alex confronts Mitch. Mitch said that Neely is trying to set him up to get even for calling off the marriage. Alex listens to Mitch’s side, but since Neely was such a good actress Alex saw the so called evidence that Neely wanted her to see so she has to file the complaint with the Chief. On duty, Neely goes out to make a rescue and has a tough time calming the hysterical victim down. With her fist flailing, the victim hits Neely in the eye. This leaves a huge bruise under Neely’s eye. After she had things under control, Neely went back to her tower. She went inside to glance in the mirror to see how bad it was. Just then Mitch pulls up and stormed up the tower. He confronts Neely.

    The heated discussion mounts as Alex pulls up to see the two arguing and Mitch taking Neely by the shoulders. Inside the tower, Mitch told her that she was setting him up and trying to get back at him because of the failed marriage. She admitted it, telling him that he ruined everything. Her having a husband, a father for her baby, a home…everything! Mitch tells Neely to stop it. Neely sees Alex and runs out of the tower screaming, ‘You stop it! You stop it!’ She ran down the ramp to Alex ‘crying.’ Neely told Alex that Mitch hit her. Alex was shocked, and with the bruised eye and what she saw while pulling up in the Lifeguard truck Neely’s case seemed more convincing than ever. Neely fell into Alex’s arms, crying on shoulder.

    At the hospital, the doctor informs the team that Manny’s damage is permanent.

    Confronting Mitch in private, Mitch told Alex that he didn’t hit Neely. He didn’t hit women. Mitch had to take a leave of absence until the matter was resolved. Alex has a talk with Neely again. Afterward, Neely decided that Alex may have sided with Mitch. She unwittingly retaliates by spiking Alex’s coffee with pills. Alex has trouble talking and almost falls. J.D. and Newmy help Alex off the desk while her purse falls causing a bottle of pills to spill.

    The SEADOO race finds Newmy, J.D. and Hobie ready at the line. April shows up to race for Manny. She was set on winning the race and does against many experienced veterans.

    At Headquarters, Alex has now recovered from the medication. She was now angry and set on finding Neely. As she storms on the way, other Lifeguards are curious as to why Alex is so angry. Many leave their posts to follow her to Neely’s tower. Alex is soon standing before Neely. There is a crowd of Lifeguards standing behind her wondering what is going to happen. There is a discussion about the pills that Neely used to drug Alex. Neely warns Alex that she has witnesses around. Alex says good. She wanted them all to hear that the same type of pills that almost killed her were found in Neely’s locker. She informed Neely that she had a history, and it was consistent. It wasn’t pretty. Neely was trapped and she knew it. She threatened to go through the Chief. Alex had then informed Neely that she had already gone to the Chief with everything and she was in total agreement with letting her ‘quit’ from the job. Alex just told Neely to go, just go. It would be more dignified than firing her outright.

    Neely unwittingly called her a ‘stupid little bitch.’ Alex started to turn and go while the crowd watched. Just then, Alex had turned around suddenly and punched Neely so hard in the jaw that it sent her down on the sand. Alex pointed a finger at her angrily and growled, ‘I AM NOT STUPID!’ Neely was both shocked and silent while wiping her mouth. Alex threw the bottle of pills down there with her. Alex turned to see the crowd and ordered them to get back to work. They all scattered swiftly to return to their posts.

    Later April saw Manny in a wheelchair trying to get onto the beach with difficulty. After realizing that he could not get onto the sand, he decided to leave the area. He had taken the first step.

    Mitch was gathering personal belongings from his desk. He then picks up that favorite photo that many fans want and can’t even get to save their lives. The one with Mitch and a ten year old Hobie perched on one of his shoulders while they booth flexed their muscles. Mitch was now pondering on his career which was hurt because of Neely’s slandering. He thought that he had lost his son to Neely as well. Hobie and Alex came into his office. Hobie asked Mitch if it was O.K. if he moved back in. Mitch said yes immediately and asked about Neely. Hobie told Mitch that she left Baywatch. Hobie was about to burst giving out hints as to the event leading up to Neely’s departure. Mitch displayed a curious expression. Alex ‘cleared’ her throat to warn Hobie not to say anything.

    Alex told Mitch that they had Hobie’s things in the truck and they needed an extra pair of hands to help. Mitch wanted to hear about the fact that Neely was now gone. Hobie then held up Alex’s bandage-supported hand and told Mitch never get Alex ticked off. Mitch kept saying that he wanted to hear all about it while Alex kept saying that no, he didn’t.

    Recurring Cast
    Jennifer Lynn Campbell as Neely Capshaw
    José Solano as Manny Gutierrez
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Joseph Adams as Dr. Pratt


    21 > Galaxy Girls
    episode # 198    air date: 5/10/1999

    The Galaxy Girls competition is in town. April and Jessie both volunteer to help the officials with the event. They were looking for a celebrity host. They were patrolling the beach when they spot actor George Hamilton on lounging on the beach. He would be the perfect host for the competition! When the girls approach him, the man tells them that he is not George Hamilton. He just looked like him. He told them that his name was Earl. Jessie was disappointed but April told her that he just said that to ensure his privacy. He was George Hamilton. They ask him if he would host the competition anyway.

    Newmy and Alex has been spending a lot of time together and he thinks that Alex is interested in him. He wants to pursue her and plans a romantic outing. Mitch tells Alex about Newmy’s intentions. She only wanted to be friends with Newmy. His feelings for her changed their relationship.

    Later, Earl comes back with his demands. He wanted things that a star would want like a limo, full wardrobe, massage…the full star treatment. He gets what he wants and Earl gets even worse with his demands.

    Newmy makes his move and takes Alex toward a secluded spot near the ocean on the beach. There is a table with a meal prepared by a chef and champagne. Newmy goes to check on how dinner was coming along and this was the chance that Alex needed to call Mitch for help on her cell phone. Mitch told her that she was a big girl and that she could handle it. After pleading with Mitch to help her to spare hurting Newmy’s feelings. Newmy returns to the table in a toupee! Alex is anxiously waiting for Mitch to rescue her. She thinks that every person that passes by is Mitch. She points it out to Newmy and he tells her that it isn’t Mitch.

    A figure appears by the ocean in fishing gear. He turns his head for her to see that it is him. She is running over to him with great joy. Alex is desperate and tries to drag him to the table while Newmy wants him to leave so that he and Alex can be alone. Alex has to tell Newmy the truth. She lets him down easily. And then Mitch’s line swings over and yanks Newmy’s toupee.

    During the Galaxy Girl’s competition, Earl decides to take a moment to sing ‘Feelings,’ after the swimsuit event. Suddenly, someone behind them wonders who the fool is up on stage. April and Jessie turn to see double. This man was the real George Hamilton. Earl was who he was all along. Earl, who sees the real actor realizes that charade has been uncovered. He jumps off the stage with April, Jessie and George Hamilton!

    Recurring Cast
    José Solano as Manny Gutierrez
    Chris Fiore as Chris
    Ron Sterk as Ron
    Jon Valenti as John

    Guest Starting
    George Hamilton as Himself/Earl
    Christopher Kaufman as Lifeguard
    Daniel Quinn as Director
    Bryan Schwartz


    22 > Castles in the Sand
    episode # 199    air date: 5/17/1999

    Alex approaches Mitch with a favor. She asks if he will escort her to a friend’s Wedding this weekend. He hesitates at first and finally agrees. Alex goes on to say that she and Sam have been friends since college. Mitch is very surprised to learn that Alex’s best friend is a man. After getting the date with Mitch set, she takes her morning job and sees this elaborately designed sandcastle. J.D. who was also working out, stops beside her. Alex had worked this tower yesterday and the sandcastle was not there. Who would possibly do work like this at night?

    On the phone, Sam tells Alex that Diane will be in town a couple of days before him and she knows no one. He asked her if she would mind entertaining her until he got into town. Alex agrees to help him out. Sam arranges for Diane to meet Alex the next day on the beach.

    The next day, Alex notices another sandcastle. She is curious and asks around Headquarters, but no one was seen building sandcastles. J.D. calls Alex. There was someone looking for her. It was Diane, Sam’s fiancée. Diane talks non-stop about Sam until she eyes Mitch. She is suddenly tongue-tied and stuttering. Alex looks from Mitch to Diane. She sees this a problem. Alex approaches Mitch the next morning and confirms her suspicions. Diane is enamored with Mitch. She kept talking about him throughout dinner. Mitch is soon to agree as the day goes on and Diane spends most of her time watching Mitch from the base of his tower. Alex had a solution and tells Mitch that she will tell Diane that she and Mitch are a couple. They would be coming over to his house to dinner tonight.

    Cody’s boat was found and he heads down to the dock to claim it. He was shocked to see that only the skeleton remained. All of the parts and equipment had been stripped. Cody learns that his boat wasn’t the only boat that it had happened to because there is a operation ring. The police haven’t been able to catch them yet. Cody was eager to find the criminals as he left.

    Mitch and Alex gets deeper into their act as they try to deceive Diane. The secret is almost revealed several times. The doorbell rings and it is Newmy with the Zimmerman twins. He had a double date with Mitch. Diane is now wondering what is going on here!

    After the disastrous night, Alex is again jogging on the beach. She sees another sandcastle, but this time it is a bit different. There are the tools of the builder’s left around. Then that is when Alex sees a small figure lying asleep under the tower. He is dressed in black from head to toe and has a hood of his sweatshirt cinched tightly around his face. Alex calls him gently, but he awakens startled and runs off., He was only to be caught by Alex. She learns his story. He has a disease called ‘Xeroderma Pigmentosum.’ He can never be exposed to the sun. He loved the beach, so every night he would sneak down to Malibu beach and build the sandcastles. It was the only way that he could enjoy the beach. After a talk with the boy’s Mother, Alex decides to volunteer and help with these special needs children.

    Outside BW Headquarters Sam rushes out of a taxi and finds Alex. He was upset. He told Alex that Diane called off the wedding. They both rushed to find her and there she was again-at the base of Mitch’s tower. Diane apologized to Mitch. She said that the wedding was making her say and do crazy things. She told him that she would never forget him. Sam and Alex arrive in a Lifeguard truck. Sam jumps out to tell her how much he loves her. Diane told him that she was only kidding, the wedding was still on. Mitch and Alex watch as Diane and Sam patch things up.

    After the wedding, Mitch and Alex are walking together on the beach talking about the little boy’s disease. There seems to be a spark between them as had been since their first meeting. Mitch mentions that maybe Alex wasn’t just acting in her interest in him at his house. Alex confirms that she was a great actress. They get a bit closer and then Newman appears with the Zimmerman twins and Mitch jumps between the two women on the back of the truck and it takes off.

    Recurring Cast
    Chris Fiore as Chris

    Guest Starting
    Suzanne Davis (I) as Diane
    Paul Linke (I)
    Will Wallace as Sam