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  • Season One

    PANIC AT MAILIBU PIER – Two members of the Baywatch lifeguard unit stationed on Santa Monica Bay experience traumatic personal upheavals, a potential suicide victim and a dramatic ocean rescue.

    IN DEEP – Playing hooky from summer school, Lieutenant Mitch Buchannon’s son Hobie gets dangerously involved with reckless power skiers while other members of the L.A. County lifeguard team deal with personal secrets.

    HEAT WAVE – On a hot summer day with record-breaking temperatures, hordes of people migrate to the Los Angeles County beaches. As the lifeguards work their full potential, an ex-lifeguard mysteriously appears bringing a son and quite a bit of trouble.

    SECOND WAVE – Eddie Kramer is forced to face his unhappy past as a former “friend” makes trouble for him on the beach. Trevor Cole, a private club lifeguard, rescues his girlfriend from drowning, but almost loses her because he fails to follow precautionary measures.

    MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE – When Hobie Buchannon overhears his parents arguing over his custody, he runs away with friends to a deserted island. They soon learn they are trapped on the island with modern-day pirates. At the beach, Eddie Kramer and Shauni McLain decide to stop arguing after rescuing a pair of teenage lovebirds.

    DROWNING POOL – A wealthy older man drowns under suspicious circumstances in front of Jill Riley’s tower. Jill must endure the pain of losing her first victim and the intrigue of unravelling what turns out to be a mysterious murder, with her romantic interest as the prime suspect.

    THE SKY IS FALLING – A plane crash leaves two bank robbers’ escape plans all wet and their suitcase filled with $1 million adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Gayle’s job threatens to separate Hobie from his father, Mitch.

    CRETIN OF THE SHALLOWS – Three people are killed by a mysterious man in grosteque make-up at the beach. The Baywatch team investigate a link between the victims as they attempt to identify the “cretin of the shallows.”

    ROOKIE SCHOOL – While housesitting for the Pomeroy’s, Eddie takes in a runaway whose life is threatened by two killers. Trevor discovers his rookie schoolmate is using steroids.

    CRUISE SHIP – While Hobie has problems with his first girlfriend, a violent boyfriend threatens Shuni’s safety. A reckless party boat operator endangers lives of his partying guests.

    SHELTER ME – Baywatch lifeguards and police join forces to find shelter for the homeless as a violent storm threatens the coast. Two fugitives seize control of Baywatch Headquarters, taking the crew captive. Meanwhile, love is in the air for Hobie and a classmate, and Shauni and Eddie get cozy as the wait out the storm.

    THE REUNION – Mitch and Craig have an unexpected visitor at their dory race reunion. Eddie finds trouble down the road while cruising in his new wheels.

    ARMORED CAR – Trevor discovers that Jill has a past in volleyball when he asks her to be his partner in the annual tournament. When an armored car full of money, Eddie, and Shauni falls into the sea, Craig and Mitch fight desperately to save them from drowning.

    HOME CORT – Mitch and Craig are surprised to find their mischievous old friend, Cort, back in town. Shauni and Jill fight a battle of the sexes with a teenage entrepreneur.

    WE NEED A VACATION – The Baywatch boys are off to Mexico, but where Cort goes, trouble follows. Mitch finds himself with a house guest when Thorpe separates from his wife. It’s puppy love for Hobie and his eyes are set on an older woman.

    MUDDY WATERS – Cort and Eddie begin lifeguard training duties at Raging Waters, but fun in the sun turns into sabotage. Shauni’s scandalous sports calendar debut jeopardizes her position at Baywatch.

    SNAKE EYES – When introduced to an illegal gambling operation, Eddie becomes entangled in a vicious gambling cycle and gets deep into debt. As Mitch becomes closer to his son’s English teacher, Hobie learns a lesson about being teacher’s pet.

    ECLIPSE – Ancient legends of DeVargas Point, which rests just north of Baywatch, resurface to haunt Eddie after losing a partner and nearly his life. Cort and Jill are lead into a fantastic underwater rescue when curious kids get hold of Cort’s cherished vintage diving suit. Meanwhile, Hobie helps a friend and gets a new pet in the deal.

    SHARK DERBY – Danger and action await when a local restaurant hosts an annual shark derby near Baywatch headquarters. Sponsored by a money-hungry promoter, the friendly fishing derby turns to destruction when Jill becomes prey to his illegitimate antics.

    THE BIG RACE – As a result of Jill’s death, Shauni is terrified of the ocean and threatens to leave Baywatch. Shauni is terrifired of the ocean and threatens to leave Baywatch. Cort, Mitch and Craig enter a ski race to raise money for a convelescent home.

    OLD FRIENDS – Craig, Mitch and Garner go for a weekend hang-gliding trip, but Mitch has an accident and ends up stuck in a tree and then ends up unconscious. Meanwhile, Cort must decide whether or not to turn a woman whose husband faked his death to collect insurance.