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  • Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker
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  • Nancy Valen as Samantha
  • Alexandra Paul as Stephanie
  • Season Three

    RIVER OF NO RETURN PART 1 – A relative’s mysterious drowning death finds Mitch, Hobie, Eddie, and Shauni traveling to California’s gold country for a whitewater rafting adventure they’ll never forget.

    RIVER OF NO RETURN PART 2 – A whitewater rafting vacation turns deadly when Mitch, Hobie, Eddie, Shauni and CJ are pursued by murderous miners in California’s gold country.

    TEQUILA BAY – Jimmy Slade and Matt Brody tangle with a violent surf gang, while Mitch’s life is thrown into turmoil when former lover Stephanie Holden assumes command of Baywatch headquarters.

    ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – Summer and Matt face grueling personal and physical challenges in Rookie School, the “boot camp” of lifeguarding, while CJ and Stephanie are forced to share an apartment.

    PIER PRESSURE – Hobie and Summer find themselves torn between doing the right thing and giving in to dangerous social pressures.

    MALIBU BEACH HIGH – Malibu Beach High students square off against the administrations’ plans to sell sacred Chumash Indian lands, while Garner quits the beach for an office job.

    POINT DOOM – Matt’s tempestuous affair with a gorgeous motorcycle racer takes him to the brink, while Mitch and Stephanie go head-to-head in a spirited battle of the sexes.

    PRINCESS OF TIDES – A thrilling muscle boat competition is the backdrop for a whirlwind romance between Mitch and a beautiful woman he doesn’t know is a princess who is the target of an assassination plot.

    MASQUERADE – When Mitch and Stephanie board a yacht disguised as wealthy southern honeymooners, in order to capture a group of modern-day pirates, they find themselves attracted to each other’s assumed character.

    LIFEGUARDS CAN’T JUMP – Mitch and Garner go undercover as a two-on-two street basketball team to solve a young athlete’s murder, while CJ becomes involved with an amorous, honeymooning Midwestern tourist.

    DEAD OF SUMMER – A rock concert and political rally are the backdrop for a chilling assassination plot that finds CJ unconscious on a dynamite-laden Scarab heading for a crowded pier.

    A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH – A dispute between Mitch’s lifeguard career and his father’s desire to have him take over the family business becomes intensified by devastating news about the elder Buchannon. Meanwhile, Summer struggles with a childhood trauma that threatens her future as a lifeguard.

    ISLAND OF ROMANCE – CJ and Stephanie travel to Catalina Island for a “girls-only” weekend getaway, only to find love with two handsome men and danger while underwater scuba diving. Mitch and Hobie hire a live-in housekeeper, whose efficiency and beauty turn their lives upside down.

    STRANGERS AMONG US – Mitch and Stephanie cope with an odd assebly of UFO enthusiasts camping on the beach in anticipation of an extra-terrestrial visit. Slade and Summer become the unknowing targets of ruthless jewel thieves.

    VACATION PART 1 – The Baywatch lifeguards set sail on a romantic cruise, only to encounter a dangerous fugitive, who forces Mitch and Stephanie overboard into the stormy Pacific Ocean.

    VACATION PART 2 – While on vacation cruise, the Baywatch lifeguards encounter high-seas hijackers, leaving Mitch and Stephanie stranded in the stormy Pacific, and Summer, Matt, CJ and Guido faced with outwitting ruthless killers who have overtaken the ship.

    THE TOWER – An escaped psychopath takes Summer and Stephanie hostage in a lifeguard tower, setting the stage for a thrilling subterranean rescue attempt by Mitch and Matt.

    STAKEOUT AT SURFRIDER BEACH – Mitch finds himself falling for an Italian actress who is being stalked by ruthless, follow home robbers. Meanwhile, CJ and Stephanie help Guido pretend to be a lifeguard in order to impress his visiting mother.

    SHATTERED PART 1 – Mitch is paralyzed when he risks his life to save three teenagers. Hobie, Stephanie, and Sophie, his physical therapist, rally to repair his shattered life.

    SHATTERED PART 2 – Paralyzed in a heroic rescue, Mitch undergoes a vigorous rehabilitation regimen. Meanwhile, Jason, a ten-year old paraplegic, is pursued by a hit man trying to keep him from testifying against gangsters.

    KICKS – Mitch coaches Matt in an amateur kickboxing tournament, but the competition turns deadly when an enemy from Mitch’s past gets him into the ring. Meanwhile, CJ is seduced by a fashion photographer.

    FATAL EXCHANGE – Mitch contends with an unorthodox, risk-taking, Australian lifeguard, and rekindles his love affair with beautiful journalist, Kay Morgan.