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  • Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker
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  • Season Two

    NITEMARE BAY PART 1 – Mitch saves the life of an underwater photographer after she is attacked by a supposed “sea monster,” which the press quickly picks up on, throwing the community into a panic. Meanwhile, Shauni rescues an inner-city girl from drowning.

    NITEMARE BAY PART 2 – After a fishing boat is destroyed by a supposed “creature in the bay,” panic invades Santa Monica. Meanwhile, Shauni travels to Watts to enlist junior lifeguard candidates in a program for inner-city youths.

    THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY – A Fisherman tricks new lifeguard Megan into rescuing him in order to attack her. When he continues to stalk her, Mitch has to find a way to stop him. Meanwhile, when Shauni suffers from lifeguard burnout, Eddie takes her on a romantic weekend getaway, which quickly turns passionate.

    MONEY, HONEY – Mitch is offered the lead role in an action movie when the star is injured, but risks losing the role when he rejects the amorous advances of the film’s producer. Meanwhile, Shauni try to raise money to keep an animal rescue organization from shutting down.

    FABULOUS BUCHANNON BOYS – Mitch’s brother Buzzy comes to visit with his estranged son Kyle, who proves to be a bad influence on Hobie. When Kyle illegally surfs near the condemned San Dimas Pier, he collides with a submerged piling, and is sent underwater, unconscious.

    POINT OF ATTACK – Cort returns to Baywatch, helping Eddie in an aquatics program designed for inner-city youths. When Eddie takes a gang leader under his wing, he finds himself in conflict with the boy’s father, who has encouraged his son’s gang activity.

    SANDCASTLES – Hobie becomes enamored with a homeless girl whose mother has disappeared.

    THIN OR DIE – Eddie teaches an overweight girl who has loved him from afar the importance of self-esteem, while Mitch and Hobie adopt a dog that is the only witness to his owner’s kidnapping.

    THE TROPHY PART 1 – Eddie’s life is torn apart by an accusation of statutory rape, while Mitch deals with the anger of a paraplegic former lifeguard.

    THE TROPHY PART 2 – Facing rape charges, Eddie is suspended from Baywatch, while his accuser attempts to kill herself. Mitch saves a paraplegic’s life in a daring hang glider rescue.

    IF LOOKS COULD KILL – Mitch falls for a beautiful woman he has rescued, never dreaming she is actually a murderess.

    REUNION – Mitch attends his high school reunion, rekindling an old flame with ex-wife Gail, while Eddie plays father for a day.

    NOW SIT RIGHT BACK AND YOU’LL HEAR A TALE – A routine rescue sends the Baywatch crew on a madcap adventure back to “Gilligan’s Island.”

    WAR OF NERVES – Ex-con and martial arts master Mason Sato terrorizes Mitch, Kaye, and Hobie.

    BIG MONDAY – Kaye Morgan introduces a deaf girl to sign language, while Mitch confronts a terrifying childhood memory.

    SEA OF FLAMES – The Baywatch crew crack a seaborne drug ring, and Ben finds love with an aging movie star.

    THE CHAMBER – Mitch rescues a diver trapped 90 feet below the ocean surface, but almost dies himself while suffering the effects of decompression.

    SHARKS COVE – A beautiful Olympic hopeful disappears after a savage shark attack and Eddie’s brother Bobby arrives for a weekend visit.

    LOST TREASURE OF TOWER 12 – Two thieves lose their loot under a lifeguard tower and Shauni is swept off her feet by an eccentric beach poet.

    THE BIG SPILL – Toxic waste, corporate greed, and a determined environmentalist spell trouble for the Baywatch lifeguards.

    GAME OF CHANCE – Harvey and Mitch pursue and capture a disgruntled gambler turned high-seas pirate. Meanwhile, Eddie struggles with the disapproval of Shauni’s family.

    SUMMER OF ’85 – After seven years, Eddie’s first love appears in Los Angeles, complicating his life with Shauni and entangling him in a web of lies and an unsolved murder.