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  • EXCLUSIVE!!! Erika Eleniak Q&A
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  • Erika Eleniak

    What can we say about Erika Eleniak that hasn’t already been said? Model, Actress, Mother, Author, international sex symbol? The list goes on and on! We had the great honour of sitting down with Erika Eleniak recently to ask her a few questions about her time starring as Shanui McClain on “Baywatch”, about life today and what keeps her motivated.

    Before we get into the Q&A, (we’re sure you don’t need it) here is a quick run down of who is Erika Eleniak?

    Erika Eleniak was born September 29, 1969 in Glendale California, the eldest of 5 she is of Ukranian, Estonian and German ancestry.
    Erika began acting from a young age, starring in TV commercials and her big break in Steven Spielbergs “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial” in 1982.
    In 1989 Erika appeared in the July issue of Playboy Magaine. Through 1989 Erika had a recurring role on the series “Charles in Charge” as Stephanie, that year she landed her biggest break to date as the female lead “Shaun McClain” in a new NBC pilot “Baywatch: Panic at Malibu Pier”, the 2-hour TV movie was picked up by NBC for the 89-90 season. After one year in role, NBC axed the show – soon after the show went to air in syndication quickly becoming the worlds most watched TV show.
    After season 2, Erika Eleniak left the series, starring only in the 2-hour season 3 premiere “River of No Return” – Erika’s character, Shauni married on-screen love Eddie and the couple left for Australia. Not much is known of Shauni after she left the series, however in the 2003 movie “Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding” it is revealed Eddie and Shauni recently divorced.
    Following Baywatch Erika went on to have a successful acting career, in 1992 playing Jordan Tate in “Under Siege” with Steven Segal. In 1993 Erika played Elly May Clamped in the remake of the classic “The Beverly Hillbillies”.
    The next year, she starred in the Dennis Hopper-directed romantic comedy film Chasers. William McNamara. Eleniak went on to shoot another movie with McNamara, Girl in the Cadillac (1995). Eleniak also starred in an interactive game during 1995; she played identical twins in the 1995 video game Panic in the Park. She continued to make more independent films including A Pyromaniac’s Love Story (1995), Bordello of Blood (1996) and Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct: Heatwave (1997), The Pandora Project (1998) with Daniel Baldwin, One Hot Summer Night (1998) with Barry Bostwick, Final Voyage (1999) with Ice-T, Stealth Fighter (1999), The Opponent (2000), Vegas, City of Dreams (2001) with Angelica Bridges, Second to Die (2002), Shakedown (2002), Snowbound (2001), Betrayal (2003) and Strike Force (2003).

    OK, so there is a very brief run down (not that any of you needed it!), so without further ado read our mini Q&A with Erika Eleniak below!

    BTV: Can you tell us how you landed the part of Shauni McClain and how did it feel?
    EE: I auditioned for the part of Shauni 6 times! Many different meetings with various ” powers that be” – the final being the network and studio funding the show at the time. It felt amazing!

    What did your average day on the Baywatch set look like?
    EE: We had two units happening simultaneously: A unit and B unit. A was the Acting / dialogue part of the show or main storyline and B unit was shooting a lot of the action, stunts and montage pieces. We started early in the am and finished late afternoon, typically

    What’s your fondest memory of your time on Baywatch>?

    EE: I loved our cast and crew! We were one big family so my fondest memories are of the times we spent together in the sun ☀️

    do you have a favourite scene/episode and a worst?
    EE: I loved most of the storylines in the second season for my character. I really can’t choose BUT just for you… the Gilligans island 🌴 episode was my favorite. I didn’t like having to go in the water! Hahaha! So especially jumping off boats into the ocean was my least favourite time

    Baywatch dominated the world, how did it feel to be a part of such a world wide phenomenon?
    EE: I left after two seasons so Baywatch took a little while to catch on internationally- it was odd being off the show already when my episodes became popular overseas! But I am very grateful

    Your exit from the show sent shockwaves around the world, how did that feel for you?
    EE: 6. It was not easy but it was the right time for me. Baywatch was moving in a different direction than I was interested in as an actor at the time so I was able to introduce Pamela’s character, leave on a high note and pursue a successful film career. All was good!

    Where do you think Shauni McClain would be now? and what would she be doing?
    EE: I think Shauni might have a child or two and a successful clothing line!

    Our fans recently ranked you as their number one for who they wanted a Q&A with, how does that feel after all these years?
    EE:Awe. That makes me feel very happy 😊 THANK YOU, BAYWATCH FANS!! You are awesome and I really appreciate you!

    Your still acting, what else are you doing these days? Any projects to look out for?
    EE: I teach acting to kids & teens at an academy, as well as private lessons.I’ve worked with kids in rehab for substance abuse and behavioral issues, using acting as a means of therapy. I have published a children’s book, co- authored a book for young women. I am a SEE student, currently so that I can obtain my teaching license in spiritual enrichment education and I just finished writing a treatment for a tv show. But best of all, I am Mom to the light of my life, Indyanna, my 11- year old daughter.

    What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing?
    EE: I love nature and being outside. Hiking, the beach, the mountains. I love reading and writing. I’ve started a Blog:
    You still look fantastic! What is your secret?
    EE: You are too kind. I struggle like every other person on the planet! Well, there may be a few who don’t but they’re probably 18! Lol
    Looking at your Twitter you have a really positive outlook on life which we really admire, what the key to it?
    EE: My relationship with Spirit. I’ve spent a lot of time working on myself, mentally and spiritually. I have learned that I am accountable for what I put out in the world and how it may effect others, which means it matters to me how I live. Am I contributing to this earth or taking from it? The people in my life are incredibly important to me. They have helped me beyond measure or words. I practice gratitude.

    A very big THANK YOU to Erika Eleniak for taking the time out of her day to sit down and answer our questions, it means a great deal to us all. We look forward to seeing more of Erika in the future for sure.
    In the mean time for all you fans, be sure to check out Erika’s official Twitter account for more Erika, below are a few pictures from her page!