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    Today we had the pleasure of picking the brains of one of Baywatch’s stars, the one and only Kelly Packard.
    For those of you reading this we’re sure you already know who Kelly Packard is, but just in case here’s a summary:
    Kelly Packard was born January 29, 1975 in Glendale California. Prior to starring in Baywatch, Kelly appeared in “The Living Dolls“, “The Wonder Years“, “Blossom“, “Step By Step” and “USA High“, however she shot to fame landing the role of Tiffani Smith in “California Dreams” (1992-1997). Kelly also appeared on Baywatch several times prior to becoming a regular. Kelly’s first appearance on Baywatch came in the season 2 episode “The Trophy” (Pt 1&2) playing valley girl Joanie, Kelly’s image even made it to the opening credits through season 2-6. The next appearance was in the season 2 episode “War of Nerves”. That would be all we saw of Kelly until season 5, Kelly played Logan’s love interest Beth Campfield in “Trapped Beneath the Sea” (Pt 1&2).
    Then in 1997, after the producers had made several attempts to get Kelly as a season regular she finally signed up to play April Giminski in season 8 and 9.
    April was introduced in the season 8 premier “Rookie Summer”, April Fought hard to make the Baywatch team and clenched the last spot to make the rookie squad (along with newcomers Carmen Electra and Marliece Andrada). April was involved in many big stories throughout her run and dated both Manny Guitierez (Jose Solano) and Craig Pomeroy (Parker Stevenson). During the shows run April became a fashion designer launching a Baywatch shoe range within the show and Kelly promoted this line in reality also!
    OK, so there is a very brief run down (not that any of you needed it!), so without further ado read our mini Q&A with Kelly Packard-Privett below!

    BTV: You starred on Baywatch several times before joining the cast as April Giminski in Season 7, how did you become a regular?
    KP: it’s a cool story really… I was as you said on the show three times as different characters and the producers had grown to like me. When Nicole left the show they had reached out to me to take her place as Summer but I couldn’t because I was still working on California Dreams. Shortly after Dreams had wrapped, I had a audition for a new role on Baywatch- so here is where it gets funny- Jennie (Sam on California Dreams and my b.f.f.) had come with me to the said audition.
    I took one look at the women who were there and I looked at Jennie and said no way jose- all the women there were Pamela types and I WAS NOT! So I left the audition before I had been called in. In the car Jennie gave me a pep talk about how I should go back, I may be what they are looking for etc… So I did. Come to find out I was the only one there for my part! The other women were trying out for Carmen Electra’s role (Lani McKenzie). So they had only wanted me 🙂
    They told me they had been waiting for me to be available and I once had a conversation with my producer and told him that story and I said what would you have done if I had left and he said “we would have found you”.

    What did your average day on the Baywatch set look like?
    KP: average day was a VERY early call, usually 4:30-5 a.m. Make up and hair and body make up then rest in my trailer Til they called for me- as soon as the sun was up we started filming and it was usually a 12-16 hour day- when the sun was going down that was magic light and we knew the day was almost over 🙂 we did a lot of work in the water and it was cold!! There were days I would call my husband on the way home and tell him to run a hot bath. That was the only way I could warm up!
    It was such a fun set! We all had fun! If I wasn’t filming I would have been at the beach so it was extra cool for me. On a break I would take out a surf ski or jet ski-

    What is your favorite episode of Baywatch?
    KP: Charlie. They gave me a really great story line where I got to play Charlie who was based on a real child that everyone on the set grew very close to and they wrote the story about him- it was special
    Worst: stuck in a cave with an eel (“Eel Niño”). Lol. Me and Hobie. It’s ok though cuz Mitch killed it by shocking it with a defibrillator 😂

    What is your fondest memory from your time on Baywatch?
    KP: Traveling to Australia with the show- we shot two episodes there and got to play and explore Australia.
    Baywatch dominated the world, with over 1 Billion views, how did it feel to be part of such a huge show?
    KP:I am so proud to be
    A part of such a huge show! We were in the Guinness book of world records for the most viewers, we were a cultural phenomenon and it was surreal!!! I love that after all this time they are making a blockbuster movie- and that the show still airs! I made some amazing friends on the show and I am grateful for that also!!!
    Where do you think April would be now and what would she be doing?
    KP: she would be in NY doing fashion for sure!!!!
    What is Kelly Packard doing these days?
    KP: so I am a mother of 4 awesome kiddos! That is pretty much my life! That of a busy mom! And I love it! I do audition still and have done a few small things. I feel I am ready to work again if the right project comes along!
    Can you tell us anything about the B-TEAM project?
    KP: the B team is so great! There is a group of us Baywatch cast members that have remained close and for the last 13 years have been talking about doing a project together… We have a script of an idea that we love and we are hoping to get funding so that we can do it! Fingers crossed!!!!!
    You still look fantastic! What is your secret?
    KP: you are so sweet! I feel like I have slowed down a lot lately and need to get back to working out and taking better care of myself. I feel like having little ones makes me stay young!!!
    Thank you for agreeing to take part in this Q&A session. Is there anything more you would like to add?
    KP: I feel so much support and love all the time from people who grew up with the shows I was on. I can’t thank my fans enough for their unconditional support! I will come back and work hard to be awesome and I will do it for all of you who have believed in me!!!!!!

    A very big THANK YOU to Kelly Packard for taking the time out of her day to sit down and answer our questions, it means a great deal to us all. We look forward to seeing more of Kelly in the future for sure.
    In the mean time for all you fans, be sure to check out Kelly’s official Instagram account for more Kelly, below are a few pictures from her page!